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Trick or Treat!

October 27th, 2010

I always love this time of year when all the kids in our neighborhood and at my daughter’s school get dressed up for Halloween in a spider man, witch, princess or ladybug costume to name a few. October thirty-first marks a day when kids and adults alike can be as silly and imaginative as they want by expressing themselves through make-up, costumes, and loads of accessories. What are your kids going to dress as this Halloween? A ladybug, bat, spider, or princess? Send your adorable pics to anne@idmelabels.com and they can be featured in our Halloween Costume Gallery.


Cool Mom Picks take on I.D. Me Custom Photo Labels

October 26th, 2010

cool mom picks

We were thrilled to have Cool Mom Picks, a popular parenting website which finds cool and innovative children’s products to review one of our best selling labels, “I.D. Me Custom Photo Labels.” Read what Betsy, contributing editor of Cool Mom Picks has to say about them.
id me custom photo labels


Anyone with kids know how important it is to label every single item they have. How else are you going to identify all the stuff that winds up in the lost and found bin?

Over the years I’ve tried many different labeling methods and have usually resorted to a “permanent” marker, which despite what the package says, not so much. After ten years of research I have determined that stick on name labels are the way to go. But why just settle for a plain old name tags when you can something far more adorable?


The custom photo labels from idmelabels.com are like nothing we’ve seen before. Truly, how could they be anything but adorable when they feature a picture of your kid?

You can choose from lots of fun styles and funky fonts and best of all you can use them practically anywhere. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe, and UVA resistant so you put an end to the “I call the pink bowl” arguments every morning by slapping a photo label on the bottom of them. Custom photo name labels by ID Me Labels

Just upload a picture of your child and they will silhouette it and create the label. You can’t preview it before you order, but when I tried it out, mine came out great so I wouldn’t sweat it.

They’re $33.75 for a pack of 25. No, not cheap. But I think they’re cute enough to rationalize the cost. Lord knows how many times I’ve done that with shoes.–Betsy

Create a custom photo label (or two) for your kids at idmelabels.com.



Waterproof Baby Bottle Labels

October 12th, 2010

name labels


Over the weekend, we staged our daughter’s birthday party at Bounce U, an incredible inflatable bounce center where young and old can bounce alike and not feel silly about who’s watching. For party favors, I decided to give each child in attendance a water bottle personalized with their name and cute icon to match–cupcakes for the girls, and pirates for the boys. The party favors were a huge hit; the children literally clamored for them. As an added plus,  I loved that the bottles are environmentally friendly. A practical gift that will be around for a long time. Click here to order your personalized baby bottle labels

Please feel free to submit your ideas on unique party favors.  I’d love to hear them!

By: Anne Pham

I.D. Me Kids Labels Featured on Celebrity Baby Scoop!

October 11th, 2010

Kids Labels



Autumn is in full swing and by now, your life is a whirl wind of homework, school lunches, and practices. How do you keep track of not only your time, but of all the stuff that goes with it? I.D Me Name Labels has the solution to keeping tabs on your kids’ most important gear. Don’t stress over piles of books, clothes, and lunch boxes, organize it all with these cute, functional and fully customizable Name labels. Whether you need to organize items for preschool, swim lessons, play dates or because your busy family is juggling all of these- labeling and keeping track of your kid’s stuff is key. An eye-catching label from I.D. Me means lost mittens can be found, water bottles stay with their owner and the right lunchbox comes home from school.

I.D. Me Labels are fully customizable and you can choose from a large assortment of kid friendly icons, colors and fonts. Match your Personalized Name Labels to each one of your kid’s personalities and interests- bright colors and cool designs mean your labels will stand out event more. There’s even an option to put your child’s photo right on the label- how cool is that? All labels are water proof, dishwasher and microwave safe- so put the permanent marker down, it’s time to get creative!

Does your little one have a food allergy? I.D. Me Labels has you covered there too. Just affix right on a lunch box or any other food container, these safety labels will make your child’s food sensitivity easy to identify so you can be rest assured that mix-ups won’t happen. Protect your child and ensure peace of mind with these darling and dishwasher safe Allergy Labels.

The all purpose I.D. Me Labels are sold 40 to a pack and you can choose from round or rectangle, but the School Labels Pack give you the option of sampling the most popular labels from I.D. Me. The School Labels Combo, priced at $43, has everything your child needs to tag their belongings for school. Included are Streamline Labels, All-Purpose Icon School Labels, Sole-Mates Shoe Labels, Laundry Safe Clothing Labels, and two Bag Tags to help keep them organized and their stuff returning home. Other Combo Pack options include: Camp Labels, Clothing Labels, Daycare Labels and they even have Dorm and Nursing Home options too!

The School Labels Combo Pack includes:

  • 25 Streamline School Labels
  • 25 Laundry Safe Clothing Labels
  • 20 Sole Mate Shoe Labels
  • 15 All-Purpose Icon School Labels
  • 2 Bag Tags

With ID Me Labels, there’s no reason not to be organized for the school year. Special Offer:FREE SHIPPING with orders over $50.

Daycare Labels School / Camp Clothing Lables Child Safety Custom Photo Combo Pack Household Lables