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Disneyland Here We Come!

November 24th, 2009

After weeks of my husband desperately trying to drop hints on taking a family trip to Disneyland, I finally embraced the idea. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, I just knew all the stress and work that can come along when taking two young crying toddlers on a plane, packing all the kids clothes, and everything else in-between. I remember last year about this time, we took the kids down to florida to visit their cousins and the 2 and a half hour trip from New Jersey felt like 10 hours because my older daughter was fussy and crying the entire time, not to mention annoyed passengers staring at us as if we were hopeless parents didn’t help either.

This time around I made sure I was going to be better prepared by loading up on my kids favorite dvds, coloring books, and tons of snacks. Let me tell you that M and M’s can go a long way with a two year old for about 10 minutes. Then you better start coming up with new ideas before they start screaming and getting everyone else around them upset! So I bought enough junk food, aka bribery to last the trip down to florida. I’m sure the passengers next to us at least appreciated my thinking.

The following morning we started out at Disneyland stopping at the kids show in front of Magic Kingdom. I definitely can see how Disney has been so successful when you look around and see all the excited little faces smiling at you, including my two little ones. After the show, my oldest daughter Sophie who was reluctant and sad to go asked me “Where did everyone on the stage go mommy?” I had to tell her that they  had to go night-night so she wouldn’t get too upset. Probably not the best response but it was the only one I could think of at that time. Hey it worked!

I’m so grateful that we took our family vacation. Even though it was a lot of work planning, my kids still talk about the vacation everyday. It’s really about the memories. That to me is Priceless!!!!

Here are some pictures of our vacation from Florida.

By: Anne Pham

The Girls in front of magic kingdom: Day one of our trip

Shamu was great. The girls could be a snack for him. Day two of our trip.

The girls had a blast swimming with cousins Alex and Brooke at the hotel: Day 3

One of our favorite stops was Aquatica. A must!! Day 4

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