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December 16th, 2009

Customer Comments
I was able to design some pretty cute labels for all of Ella’s stuff! I love all of the different options offered by ID Me Labels. For the All Purpose Labels, I was able to pick from four different shapes, several fonts and colors, and huge variety of Icons. With all of the options, we were able to create perfect labels for Ella’s belongings! Also, with many kids having the same items at school, the All-Purpose Icons Labels makes it easier for Ella, as well as her teachers to identify her items. These cool labels are even Water-Resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe!!
These great labels were super easy to order and then arrived very quickly, so if your still looking for the perfect stocking stuffer then check out ID Me Labels today! We highly recommend these great labels!
Stacey Moore (Elementary Teacher)

I immediately put an ID Me’s Stick On Clothing Label on Natalie’s jacket after realizing it doesn’t have her name in it.  It was really easy to put on.  I was worried I’d be able to peel it right of, but it’s on there very securely.
By: Krystyn

I was able to take a moment to place some of ID Me’s handy labels on the assortment of small toys we carry in our outing toy bags. Additionally, we placed ID Me clothing labels on our new mittens, in our winter coats, and on our fuzzy hats.
By: Stephanie

I highly recommend ID Me labels to everyone! There are so many options available anyone will be able to find a label to fit their needs.

I received the All Purpose Icon Labels. They’re really great quality!
By: Susan

What I really enjoyed about the ID Me Labels are that they are customizable.
By: Stefanie

I was very impressed at how easy it was to customize our labels- you just go to the site and pick the font you want on your labels (from a list of 10), then the color you want (from a set of 9 options), then the shape/size of label you want (circle, oval, hexagon or rectangle), and finally input the name that you want on your label. Then you get to pick the icon for the label, from a big list of options. All these choices mean that your label is going to be truly personalized for your child- it’s not likely that you’ll ever see another label like the one your child has.
By: Carrie

The durability of all of I.D. Me Labels’ products is apparent as soon as you see them in person. Not only are the labels that I received colorful and exactly the way I had ordered them, but they feel almost like soft sturdy vinyl with their flexibility.
By: Xenia

There are also many color, font, label size, and icon choices to choose from so you can choose customized labels that really fit your child’s personality.
By : Racheal

What makes I.D. Me Labels is the ME in them – parents can add a photo of their child to the label giving it a personal touch and resulting in an ear-to-ear grin from your little one. The quality is great – the labels have a nice glossy look to them and they are super sticky!
By: Tenille

These labels are colorful, fun and a perfect way to personalize and label your child’s stuff.
By: Angie

I really enjoy mypersonalized labels and recommend them to all parents that have kids and even to daycares. What a great way to keep track of our little ones things.
By: Tara

Well, let me just start by saying that not allcompanies use the same printing techniques, label material, and give you the same customization.  WithI.D. Me Labels you have a lot more images to chose from, much better fonts, more colors, and you can use photos of your kids on the labels!
By: Shawn

Perfect for playgroup, daycare, gym, childcare, preschool/kindergarten, and family affairs, ID Me Labels Giant Daycare/Toddler Combo Pack is the perfect way to keep tabs on your child’s belongings. They are even great for large families to keep all the toys/cups/utensils in order.

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