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Faith restored, thanks to my I.D. Me Name Labels!

March 23rd, 2010

I.D. Me Personalized Name Labels were put to the real test last week when I lost my Apple iTouch at a tradeshow. This PDA carries nearly two thousand contacts and an amazing array of useful applications. It wasn’t that I didn’t have everything backed up and all was lost forever (except for game scores). It’s that my prized possession also stored my banking and financial information, childrens’ photos, users IDs, passwords, and more. The loss was a real kick in the stomach; devastating really. I thought I’d never see it again because the label with all my contact information attached to it didn’t evoke an immediate response. Three days passed until I received that amazing phone call from the person who found it. Without the I.D. Me label, positive identification of my iTouch would’ve been nearly impossible. And folks, here’s an important tip: Always create a user password for your phone or personal device so that if you lose it, your information cannot be extracted and used against you. Also, become label crazy (I’m a believer after this recent experience) and I.D. everything you possibly can! Thanks I.D. Me Labels for saving my life!!!!

By: Cliff Stieglitz

Spring is officially here!

March 22nd, 2010

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