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Cool Mom Picks take on I.D. Me Custom Photo Labels

October 26th, 2010

cool mom picks

We were thrilled to have Cool Mom Picks, a popular parenting website which finds cool and innovative children’s products to review one of our best selling labels, “I.D. Me Custom Photo Labels.” Read what Betsy, contributing editor of Cool Mom Picks has to say about them.

Anyone with kids know how important it is to label every single item they have. How else are you going to identify all the stuff that winds up in the lost and found bin?

Over the years I’ve tried many different labeling methods and have usually resorted to a “permanent” marker, which despite what the package says, not so much. After ten years of research I have determined that stick on name labels are the way to go. But why just settle for a plain old name tags when you can find something far more adorable?

The custom photo labels from idmelabels.com are like nothing we’ve seen before. Truly, how could they be anything but adorable when they feature a picture of your kid?

To continue with the review, click on the following link: Cool Mom Picks Custom Photo Labels !

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