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Coupon Clippin Mommy Review On I.D. Me Name Labels

December 14th, 2009

By: Stephanie

I received a set of the all purpose icon name labels in blue with a train and my sons name on them. They are the perfect size to put on any and everything. We have used them on cups, snack containers, DVD cases, CD cases, books and toys. I especially like that these labels are dishwasher and microwave safe. Sippy cups and snack containers are the items we travel with the most. We need to have them marked for play dates and they are washed constantly. It is also nice to be able to mark that favorite truck so we don’t get it mixed up with all the toys at Grandma’s house!

I highly recommend ID Me labels to everyone! There are so many options available anyone will be able to find a label to fit their needs.

Labeling Toys, Shoes, and Binkies with I.D. Me Name Labels

December 11th, 2009

thode you so-id me name labels


By: Stefanie

With Johnny being in school and Joley being more active, it has become a much harder chore of keeping their belongings with them. Johnny may take his shoes off, leave his bag, or forget what jacket he wore to school. Joley may drop her cup or pacifier and we won’t have any idea if it is hers.

I received the Giant Daycare Labels Pack and have been using them since.

The Daycare Bag Tag is super cute. It easily attaches to a book bag or diaper bag and is stylish too! You can pick the design you like making it even more fun to have.

The Sole Mate Shoe Labels are washer and dryer safe. Johnny loves having his name in his shoes and I like to know that if he takes his shoes off, they will be easily recognized as his.

The Stick On Clothing Labels come in three different designs; H-shape, micro, and rectangle. I really love the H-shaped labels because they wrap around the tags. This is fantastic for jackets that get tossed around.

The All Purpose Icon Labels are my favorite out of the set. I was able to customize the label to be something I knew Johnny would love. We can use these labels on so many things. The one shown below is on his V Smile Cyber Pocket… something I know he would not want to lose.

My second favorite label in the pack are the Personalized Pacifier Labels. These are great! If we are with my family or at a friend’s house and there are matching pacifiers, there is no need to worry. I will always be able to recognize Joley’s pacifier with the Binky button label on it!

id me labels, www.idmelabels.com, binky button labels

Finally, the Streamline Labels are great for things like cups, bottles, bowls, or anything else you want to make sure you get returned to you! I can see these being fantastic for daycare kiddos who have bottles. I can’t think of a better way for keeping your child’s bottle separate from other kids’ bottles!

What I really enjoyed about the ID Me Name Labels are that they are customizable. I was able to ask for color, font, and name for each type of label I ordered. I wanted Joley’s name on some and Johnny’s on another and that was not a problem. I wanted a girly color for Joley’s labels and a boyish color for Johnny’s. Again, no problem! Plus, the ID Me Labels are all dishwasher and microwave safe and UVA resistant!

By: Mamma Thode

Growing a Baby in Seattle Review On I.D. Me Name Labels

December 9th, 2009

I was very impressed at how easy it was to customize our name labels- you just go to the site and pick the font you want on your labels (from a list of 10), then the color you want (from a set of 9 options), then the shape/size of label you want (circle, oval, hexagon or rectangle), and finally input the name that you want on your label. Then you get to pick the icon for the label, from a big list of options. All these choices mean that your label is going to be truly personalized for your child- it’s not likely that you’ll ever see another label like the one your child has.  And yet another great thing about I.D. Me Labels- they will ship your order within 48 hours of you placing it!

We got labels for Vivian, since she’s reaching the age where she’s going to church nursery on Sundays and now has bottles and sippy cups and toys to keep track of. I am very pleased with how her labels turned out. The colors are bright and pretty, the lettering is nice and easy to read, and the labels are really sturdy. The Waterproof Labels are UVA-resistant and microwave/dishwasher safe. We’ve run her labeled items through the dishwasher a number of times, and the labels have stayed put nicely!

I.D. Me Name Labels also has a great selection of other labels. Bag tags, binky buttons,clothing labels, allergy labels, and household labels, to name a few.

baby bottle labels

One option that I think is really cute is the custom photo label- what better way to keep track of your kid’s things than stick a label on it with his/her picture!

By: Carrie

Prevent Lost and Found Items With I.D. Me Name Labels

December 8th, 2009

Mail Carrier-id me name labels

Once in a while I take my 3-year-old and almost-1-year-old to an indoor gymnastics gym during the “open play” time to let them run and bounce and climb and otherwise burn off energy with their friends. Big Sister E likes the huge trampolines and the multi-level bouncy house best, while Little Sister B is just happy to crawl over and under the various textured mats and low balance beams and whatever else she can get herself near enough to touch and pull up on.

They both always have a good time and we usually end up going home tired and content and ready for a nap. The only negative part of the outing comes from when I get a glimpse of the massive lost-and-found near the entrance to the gym.

With my obsessive issues over not losing items, just seeing the amount of things left there makes my palms sweat. This lost-and-found is large enough that it is separated into bins, one for shirts, one for socks, one for cups, etc, etc. I try not to look at it and think of the feelings those moms had when they got home and realized not all of their child’s possessions came with them because it makes my heart race a little bit.

It also makes me want to stop every mom that comes in the door and tell them about I.D. Me Name Labels.

Specially laminated so that they’re UVA-resistant, safe for both the microwave and the dishwasher and, in general, really bright and fun, I.D. Me Labels are perfect for preventing the loss of almost any item imaginable. From bottles to backpacks, bibs to cell phones, clothing to eyeglasses, these labels come in all sizes and colors and can be personalized to fit any need that may arise.

Speaking of personalization, I.D. Me Labels gives you options - LOTS of options. If you can’t find one of the 10daycare labels - kids labels fonts, 9 colors, 4 shapes/sizes and 60+ icons to select for their Waterproof Labels, then I’m not sure what you’re looking for. No matter what you choose, your labels will come out unique and bright, the perfect way to make sure your child’s items will be quickly recognized and returned to them at the end of the day at daycare, school or just at a friend’s house. 

For something even more distinctive, the Photo I.D. Me Labels are unlike any that I have seen before. As with the Waterproof Labels, you can select the font, color and school labels shape/size of your labels but then simply upload a digital picture of your child and they will appear right on there. I love the idea of kids being able to help return belongings to each other by just looking at the picture to see the rightful owner.

Along with all of the great labels for children, I.D. Me Labels also has a line to be used in and around your house in order to help with organization. Whether identifying a bin custom bin labelsof toys, a box of recipes or recycling containers, these labels will come in handy for anyone looking to manage or arrange items for the home.

The durability of all of I.D. Me Labels’ products is apparent as soon as you see them in person. Not only are the labels that I received for Little Sister B bright, colorful and exactly the way I had ordered them, but they feel almost like soft sturdy vinyl with their flexibility.

I love being able to put one of these stickers on any item of hers that is going to leave the house and immediately increase its visibility (and style). The pink that I chose is vibrant, the star icon is cute but will not be outgrown and her name looks crisp and neat in the Guiddy Up font. Everything from Little Sister B’s containers of cereal to her sippy cup will no longer have the chance of ending up in the vast wasteland of the lost-and-found at the gymnastics gym because with one look, it would easily be returned to us.

kids labels - baby labelsHer name is even cuter when someone like me hasn’t hacked at the picture to remove it.

Whether you are labeling clothes, items in a classroom, shoes or are drawing attention to your child’s allergy to nuts, I.D. Me Labels ship within 48 hours of your order, so you will hardly have to wait to begin. 48 hours for something to be custom-made to your specifications, where else can you find that?

By: Xenia

December 8th, 2009

By : Katie
Is your child always losing things at school or daycare? Do you worry about letting your child wear certain clothes or sending your child to school or daycare with things that might get lost? Then you should check out ID Me Labels.

ID Me Labels are great, and can be used on anything, from toys, to clothes, to sippy cups. They are dishwasher, weather and microwave safe and come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, and fonts.

Jen at the Dirty Shirt-I.D. Me Name Labels Review

December 6th, 2009

The Dirty Shirt-ID Me Name Labels

Having personalized name labels for my toddlers things has helped me keep track of her stuff. I used to lose sippy cups, spoons, bags and more because they were never labeled. One of the things I noticed right away was the selection choices were wonderful. You can choose from 10 different fonts, 9 colors, 4 shapes and a whole bunch of little icons. My daughter picked her name with the watermelon character and they came out so cute that she stuck them on all her things. Now I can find which spoon is hers and where her sippy cup is, and what is more I have had her lost things returned to me because they had her label on them. Having them be microwave and dishwasher safe is a huge plus too. ID Me Name Labels has a large choice of labels like Daycare Labels, School Labels, Clothing Labels, Child Safety Labels, Household labels and so much more. I recommend ID Me Labels to everyone this holiday season.

By: Jennifer at The Dirty Shirt

I.D. Me Name Labels Review By Mitzvah Blog

December 4th, 2009

Do your kids come home from school or camp with missing clothing? Of course they do! ID ME Name Labels are an innovative children’s label company that are laminated,  UVA-resistant, microwave- and dishwasher-safe, colorful, indestructible, easy to use and fun!

They are perfect on things like backpacks, clothing, craft supplies, cell phones, luggage, eyeglasses, lunch boxes, school supplies, sporting goods, toys, toothbrushes, pencil boxes, water bottles, and the list goes on.

There are also many color, font, label size, and icon choices to choose from so you can choose customized labels that really fit your child’s personality.

They also offer food allergy labels. These would be great to stick on lunch box gear, sandwich containers, lunch totes, thermoses, snack containers, etc. as helpful reminders to daycare and schools alerting them that your child has a particular food allergy.



Feisty Frugal and Fabulous Review On I.D. Me Name Labels

December 4th, 2009

FFF-id me name labels

By: Tenille

There are several label companies online now and many have the same standard labels that make life easier for parents and kids. I love using labels in our household and on my son’s school items. Having a daughter with food allergies, labels are especially helpful for her sippy cups and other items.

What makes I.D. Me Name Labels is the ME in them - parents can add a photo of their child to the label giving it a personal touch and resulting in an ear-to-ear grin from your little one.

We orderred a set of Custom Photo Labels for my son to use on his books, school supplies and…well…whatever else he found to stick them on. We were able to customize the label shape, color and fontand then of course add in a photo.

The quality is great - the labels have a nice glossy look to them and they are super sticky!

If a little one on your Christmas list is a new student, or perhaps a very proud little ballerina or hockey star, Custom Photo Labels from I.D. Me Labels would be a fun gift or stocking stuffer this year. There’s plenty of other labels to choose from too, including allergy alert labels.

Avoid the Lost and Found With I.D. Me Name Labels

December 4th, 2009

My four Monkeys-id me name labels

Friday, December 04, 2009Posted by The Knutson Klan

With all the people in our house, all the extra curricular activities, and all the time we spend out and about labels are a life saver. Especially helpful when you have a little one that often spends time at preschool, day care, or even the church nursery, name labels can save you money! We were recently introduced to I.D. Me Labels. The ID ME All-Purpose Icon Name Labels are available in 9 different colors, 10 different fonts, and 4 different shapes. There is also a wide selection of icons that you can have on your labels too. There are so many possibilities! The other thing I like about the All Purpose Icon Labels is that they are great for the older child. We ordered ours in a blue hexagon shape with a motorcycle icon for John David. He has used these labels to label his toys, his books, and most importantly his Bible. This way we don’t have to search through the other black Bibles that look exactly like his in Junior church. He is always losing his Bible! He also really likes that the labels are kind of shiny. These labels are colorful, fun and a perfect way to personalize and label your child’s stuff. All ID ME All-Purpose Icon Labels are UVA resistant, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. A set of 25 retails for $19.99.

We also ordered a set of ID Me Stick-On Clothing Labels. These are plain white labels in assorted sizes to label clothing for a variety of activities. These labels work very well, and I liked that they came in assorted sizes since clothing tags are not all the same. ID Me Stick-On Clothing Labels are washer and dryer-safe, and stick on easily and quickly. A set for 60 retails for $23.95.

I.D. Me Labels also offers a streamline label and binky and bib button labels which I think are so cool and would have loved to have had when my kiddos were infants! You can browse the I.D. Me Labels website for allergy labels, custom photo labels, combo packs, and even craft and garbage bin labels. With such a wide variety of labels, I.D. Me Labels is a great resource for your labeling needs. I.D. Me Labels also make a great holiday gift for an elementary aged child! My kids love to have personalized labels to put on their belongings!

Tara at The Bragging Mommy Review On I.D. Me Name Labels

December 3rd, 2009

kids labels - baby labels

The Braggin Mommy


I received ID Me Name Labels for my kids to use and I love them. I can’t tell you how helpful they are in my daughters pre-school. Even though I write her name in her jacket the teachers don’t always see it. With our adorable label, it is noticed right away. The teacher love it and are interested in using these in their daycare and infant center. My kids also like to use them on their cups and toothbrushes at home. With four kids, it is sure helpful to have name labels on their cups when kids come over too! I ordered my labels to say “The Johnston Kids”, that way I could use them with much more. When the friends are over we know which cups are our kids. And that is very important with the cold and Flu season around. They will be really nice to have when we go on vacations too! I really enjoy my personalized labels and recommend them to all parents that have kids and even to daycares. What a great way to keep track of our little ones things.

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