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Winter Wonderland

December 19th, 2009

The first snow of 2009 hit on December 19 in Central Jersey. I spent at least 30 minutes getting my kids dressed for the 45 minutes they played outside. We had a blast! The snow was truly a magnificent sight.

Sophie, saying hi to a camera shy Splash (one of our two horses on the farm).

Custom Airbrushed Shirts!

December 9th, 2009

I was elated to receive these AMAZING custom T-shirts from our dear friend T, who happens to be one of the best airbrush artists in the world. As you can see in the picture, the shirts were a huge hit among the girls. Sophie clung to her “Power Rangers” shirt all night, and a euphoric Olivia would not let anyone near her “Elmo” shirt. A heartfelt thanks to T for such an amazing present!  If you seek a unique gift for your child, a custom airbrushed shirt will score huge on the happy meter this Christmas.

By: Anne Pham

ID Me Name Labels has taken off with huge success!

December 8th, 2009

Surf’s Up with ID Me Name Labels

December 8th, 2009

Name Buttons for Crocs - Name Labels

December 7th, 2009

If you are one of the millions of moms who’s child own a pair of Crocs you can now label their shoes with ID Me Name Labels (we own 4 pairs in this household.)My kids love their Crocs! I  can certainly appreciate these shoes because they’re colorful, practical, and simple for our kids to put on. No Lacing! I used my ID Me Binky Button labels and placed it on the side buttons of my daughter’s winter Crocs and the labels fit perfectly. Not to mention they work great in identifying her shoes from her classmates and sister. The label seen here has my daughter’s name on it with pink background in space patrol font. CUTE!

By: Anne

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

December 1st, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and and a big thanks to my sister Kay for hosting dinner this year. Here is a picture of our kids enjoying their dinner.

Where is ID Me Labels Now?

November 24th, 2009

The ID Me Logo was found in the hot and dry Sahara Desert.

Kids and Volunteer Work-Way to go Andrew and Kaitlyn!

November 22nd, 2009

As parents we always want to teach our kids that helping out others is very important, especially if those people aren’t as fortunate. This past summer at my sister’s annual yard sale, the Chen family decided to set up a lemonade stand to sell lemonade, popcicles, and cookies in which all proceeds were to be donated to their local senior center. Dr. Chen, my brother-in-law volunteers at the local senior center once a month and thought it would a great idea if his kids learned the value of volunteering so he decided what better way then to let his kids help pour lemonade, hand out cookies and popcicle to those attending the yard sale. At the end of the day the kids had made $80 and were excited to see their hard work pay off. GREAT JOB guys!

Here is a clip of the story that ran in their local newspaper. Way to go Andrew and Kaityln!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Anne Pham
lemonade stand

Flourishing with Food Allergies-The Book

November 22nd, 2009

book award

This book is useful for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, teachers, caretakers, doctors, chefs and anyone in a service industry who comes into contact with children such as those in schools, restaurants, resorts and travel.

There are probably children who you see everyday who suffer from food allergies, but you wouldn’t know it. It is not something that is spoken of out of the blue, unless there is a reason to do so. This book will enhance your understanding of how it feels to have a child with a food allergy as well as the practical aspects of eating at friends’ and relatives’ houses, restaurants and schools. The guidance provided can help you to become a better parent, relative, friend, teacher or service provider.

We brought two children into the world during the past five years. I never imagined or knew of the love that I would feel for our sons. I never expected that our sons would have food allergies and that I would feel alone and a bit lost at times. While I have found various aspects of parenthood to be challenging, dealing with our sons’ food allergies is perhaps one of the most challenging. It causes me to question myself, others and really think about risks. Despite the worries, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have two adorable sons and a great partner for a husband.

If you know and care about a child who has a food allergy, then you can learn how to help that child and family by obtaining a better understanding of what it is like to care for and love a child with food allergies. I detail the journey my husband and I took on with our two sons. I also include many interviews with other parents of children with food allergies which may help you identify similar symptoms and situations. These interviews share the shock parents had while learning that their child has an allergy as well as successes in how they handle their situations. Each family handles their child’s food allergies differently and with varying caution, confidence and optimism. Some are very careful while others take more risks and are willing to deal with an allergic reaction. Additionally, I extensively researched food allergies on interesting topics related to the “Big Eight” of dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish.

If your child or children have food allergies, then this book can provide you with a sense of friendship in a world undergoing a food allergy crisis or even an epidemic. Knowing that you are not alone is often a great comfort. I hope that by sharing my family’s experiences and other parents’ experiences that yours can be improved. This book provides social, emotional and practical guidance to everyday situations and feelings.


A new member to I.D. Me Name Labels has just arrived!

November 9th, 2009

A big congratulations to Guillermo and Pamela on the arrival of Luciano Hernandez born Sunday November 1, 2009.  Everyone at ID Me Labels is very excited about the news and can’t wait to meet the little guy. You can bet Luciano is going to be getting some wonderful ID Me Name Labels and a lot of attention around here. For those who don’t know, Guillermo Hernandez is our very talented and head designer at ID Me Labels and Airbrush Action Incorporated. Best wishes to you guys!

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