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Uniform School Clothing Labels

  Personalized Clothing Name Labels. Washer and Dryer Safe. If your child attends private schools, this is a MUST! Get it with our without your School Logo

Sketch Dolls

Now here's a unique and adorable gift your kids will love! One of kind plush dolls made from your kid's drawings. Wish I new about this company when my kids were little. Child's Own Studio is where your child and Wendy Tsao, together, can create a softie to be cherished for a lifetime. You can order your dolls and find more info about "Child's Own Studio" here:           

Erupting Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint

 How to Make Erupting Rainbow Sidewalk ChalkPaint Supplies:cornstarchbakingsodawaterliquid watercolor paint orfood coloringvinegarspray bottlesTo make erupting sidewalk chalk paint:Mix 1/3 cup of water, 1/3 cup of cornstarch, and 1/3 cup of baking soda with each color or (1 spray bottle per color).Note: Adding more food coloring or liquid paint to the recipe will make colors richer and more vibrant. Fill an empty spray bottle with vinegar. Spray color paints on sidewalk by making different shapes, figures or names. Then spray the vinegar on top of the paint. Now watch the color paints erupt.For more information visit:    

Waxed Pumpkins!

 How to make it: Use a real white pumpkin Unwrap your crayons Cut the crayons in half Glue about 16 crayon pieces using tacky glue to the pumpkin After the glue has dried, use a hair dryer to melt the crayons

26 Clever Ways To Preserve Your Child's Memories

Here are twenty-six ways you can preserve your child's memories that will last forever. They will thank you some day!  1. Imprint a damaged teddy before throwing it away.Take a cue from Australian artist Geoffrey Ricardo by applying a light coat of paint to the front of your kid’s teddy and pressing it against craft paper. 2. Turn one of your kid’s drawings into a key chain.Order one here from $89.3. You can also turn a drawing into a softie.Visit Pinocchio’s Friends to learn more.To read more, click on the link below:

20+ Jaw Dropping Pumpkins!

Here is a collection of Jaw Dropping Hand Carved Pumpkins that will inspire and amaze you by artist, "Ray Villafane."His work has been featured in galleries world-wide and also in Ripley's Believe it Or Not. In 2004 Ray declared that his business would be called Villafane Studios, the name implying that the company would represent a studio of artists and not just himself as a solo artist. This simple vision was the foundation behind this company and evidence that you have to really believe that what you want is obtainable and move toward it. Flash forward to current day and you can find Ray and his hand-chosen team of elite artists demonstrating their talents worldwide. The vision of Villafane Studios is to inspire creativity and imagination in people young and old through the medium of temporary art. For more info visit:  

Personalized Airbrushed Hats by Ergun Yasar

If you're looking for a one of a kind gift for your child, take a look at Ergun Yasar's personalized airbrushed hats. His use of color and style is like no other in this category! For more information visit:          

Pet Costume Contest! Enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate

Do you have a pet that looks irresistible in a costume? Well, why not not enter your pet in I.D. Me's Labels Cute Pet Costume Contest! One lucky pet will be picked, and it's owner will receive a $50 gift card to use at I.D. Me Labels! Hurry, deadline to enter is November 3, 2014. Submit all pics to [email protected] 

I.D. Me Name Labels - Making Getting Ready For School Fun

  School is back in session and your kids are busier than ever. Help your kids stay organized in class, sports, homework, dance, and after school related activities with I.D. Me Labels! You can watch "Sophie" as she prepares her day for school!

Hard Day's Work

I finally had the chance to take out the Lemonade Stand for the kids on Labor Day! Too bad I forgot to check weather that morning and it turned out to be the hottest day of the summer at 95 degrees!! We all still managed to have a great time people watching and I had a great opportunity to teach the girls about working and earning a living by selling lemonade. :)


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