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Summer Camp Labels

 I.D. Me Camp Labels Combo Pack combines all the labels you'll need for camp this summer. The package includes:  25 Streamline Labels 25 Stick-On Clothing Labels 20 Sole Mate Shoe Labels 15 All-Purpose Icon Labels 2 Bag Tags $59.95 Order your Camp Combo Pack at

Set Sail With I.D. Me Name Labels

If you are planning to travel this summer, make sure you don't forget to tag all your belongings with I.D. Me waterproof labels to prevent loss, stolen or misplaced items. I.D. Me Labels Combo Pack offers a large selection of sizes to tag everything from clothing, electronics, toiletries, and luggage, to help you keep organized. So before you leave on your next trip, don't forget to take one of I.D. Me Combo Packs with you.

Life through a child's eyes

One of the many simple things I enjoy in life is looking at art created by a child. So the other day, when my daughter gave me a drawing she had just finished, it instantly put a smile on my face. The picture consisted of myself, my husband, herself (carrying a pink purse of course), and her younger sister. I can always appreciate a child's interpretation of the world through art because there is always truth, humor, and reality in them. Here is her masterpiece which is now hanging upstairs in our bedroom. By: Anne Pham

Craft Corner

 Now that I am home with the girls full-time, we have been busy doing plenty of crafts together. One that we particularly enjoyed doing recently was making wearable crafts out of felt flowers. It was fairly simple and my girls loved the fact they could choose the colors, and pattern to be created on their flip-flops, headband, and bracelet. Best of all, this was a great opportunity to teach my girls the basic rules of sewing, something I know they will appreciate later on in life. If you are looking for a fun, colorful, and simple sewing project to do with your child, I would highly recommend this project made from the Little Experience Company.  By: Anne Pham

Movie Night With the Kids!

 Last night I took my two daughters (ages 2 1/2 and 4) to the much anticipated TOY STORY 3. My kids and I loved Toy Story 1 and 2 at home, and because I felt a bit adventurous--needless to say, attention spans for toddlers in movies can be short--I hauled the clan to our local theater. To my great luck, both children sat fairly well throughout the move with no meltdowns, trips to the bathroom, or crying! If you love Toy Story 1 and 2 you'll defineatly love Toy Story 3! We all give it two thumps up. Whether you are a child or adult, I highly recommend watching this movie. Has anyone else had the chance to see this movie yet? What did you think? By: Anne Pham

Craft Corner-Sticky Mosaics

Now here is a craft project that will keep your little one occupied for a long time. It's called Sticky Mosaics, made by Treasure Trove Toys that can be found at your local craft store. The company offers all sorts of kid friendly mosaic projects that your child can create such as unicorns, princesses, dragons, and knights, so whether you have a boy or girl there is something for everyone. Prices range from $2.99 for a single project to $14.99 for a set of 4. I love that this project not only kept Sophie busy for hours but it taught her color and number coordination. The best part was looking at the smile and confidence she expressed when she showed me her finished work. By: Anne Pham

Summer Camp Labels


I.D. Me Giant Summer Camp Labels Giveaway!

 Get ready for camp this summer with I.D. Me Name Labels. One lucky winner will receive a giant I.D. Me Labels Summer Camp Labels Combo which includes: 25 Streamline Labels 25 Stick-On Clothing Labels 20 Sole Mate Shoe Labels 15 All-Purpose Icon Labels 2 Bag Tags Rules of the giveaway:Open to U.S. and Canada onlyMust be 18 yrs or older Mandatory: 1) Comment here what would be the first item you would put I.D. Labels on. Bonus Entries:2) Become a fan of I.D. Me Labels of Facebook (click on the Facebook Icon on our homepage Tweet about this giveaway.4) Blog about this giveaway. Hurry contest ends July 12, 2010 at 12:00 a.m. EST. Winner will be posted on I.D. Me Labels blog page. Thank you for entering the Giant Camp Combo Giveaway. The winner is Mallory Webley. Please email [email protected] to claim your prize!

Another exciting family outing, only not so much!

 When my husband purchased a jet ski two years ago, my desire to go cruising along the Manasquan River with him was less than enthusiastic, to say the least. Maybe it's because the thought of getting all wet, muddy, and cold does not appeal to me or maybe it's the fact that we have two toddlers and getting them ready to go anywhere is a daunting task. Just going outside to play requires about twenty minutes to decide what shoes they want to wear, for crying out loud! So when I finally got into the spirit of taking up my husband's offer of jet skiing with the kids, I was feeling a little bit optimistic. That morning I got the kids up, served breakfast, and spent over three-hours getting dressed, sun-screened, and preparing the jet ski for launch. When we finally arrived at the launching site, it took us another thirty minutes to launch the jet ski, park the truck, and get everyone into the tube. Without realizing it, we berthed in low tide and immediately sucked in rocks (jet skis are like giant vacuums), disabling the water craft. The kids, and I, were so disappointed to return home so soon. A word of advice for every mom out there: DON'T trust your husband when he tells you he knows what he is doing, and check the weather service yourself for the tides.  Four precious hours wasted on a Saturday is a bummer, for sure. Next time when hubby asks if we want to go jet skiing, I'll definitely have to think twice! If you have any funny husband stories you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them.  By: Anne Pham

Meet I.D. Me Name Labels Junior Management Team!

Where do you use your I.D. Me Name Labels? Here are some suggestions from our board members. Sophie  - Research Division, 4 yrs. oldSophie - Research Division, 4 yrs old.Sophie  - Research Division, 4 yrs old.Jade - Reseach Division 10 yrs oldAndrew  - Research Division 6 yrs oldDylan - Research Division 5 yrs old   


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