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I.D. Me Labels

by MELISSA on AUGUST 10, 2010



It’s August, which means one thing to parents: Back to School Shopping Time. You’ll want to batten down the hatches when the flurry of pencil cases, lunchboxes, gym shoes, folders, and books hits your home, but don’t get stressed – get labeled!


Whether it is for summer camp, preschool, swim lessons, play dates, or because your life is a whirlwind of all of those, labeling your kids’ gear is key. A label means a lost binder can be found, water bottles stay with their owners, and the right lunchbox comes home from school.



Baby Bottle Labels shown above:


I.D. Me Labels offers completely personalized name labels for every corner of your life, but it is their school combo packs that won my heart. The pack comes with over 80 labels for affixing to books, clothes, shoes, bags, and everything in between, which completely justifies the price. The fact that you can choose from a variety of fonts, patterns, and icons means your label will stand out even more.


I.D. Me Labels’ combo packs cover every possible situation where a label might come in handy. I had no idea how much I needed the bag tag until my kid left his bag on a park bench and a kindly mother called the number on the adorable Octopus tag. Now the streamline labels have been affixed to his favorite books, there’s a label in his soccer shoes, and, at his insistence, there is one firmly attached to Buzz Lightyear’s plastic foot.


In short, labels rule the school.


I.D. Me Labels are available online at The school labels combo cost $43. Thanks to I.D. Me Labels for providing a complimentary school labels pack for this review.


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