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Baby Bottle Labels

Identifying your baby bottle has never been more fun and effective with I.D. Me's Personalized Baby Bottle Labels. Dishwasher and microwave safe, our name labels for baby bottles will help distinguish your baby's bottles from the rest while preventing mix-up and confusion at home, daycare, or nursery school.

Exceptional Waterproof Baby Bottle Labels

Dishwasher Safe Baby Bottle Labels

If you seek a baby bottle label that holds up to the intense demands of extensive use, the dishwasher and microwave, then ID Me's unique and durable Waterproof Baby Bottle Labels are the perfect choice. Our dishwasher safe personalized baby bottle labels are world-renowned for their high design, durability, and great utility. ID Me Labels are perfect on sippy cups, tumblers, thermoses, water bottles, and more.

Give your personalized Waterproof Baby Bottle Labels the Important Stamp they Deserve

Baby Bottle Labels are rugged, time-tested, dishwasher, laundry, and microwave-safe, and will adhere to practically anything! Dishwasher Safe Baby Bottle Labels withstand all conditions, and will deliver every time.

ID Me Labels boast vibrant, durable, personalized, waterproof baby bottle labels for kids. Classic and functional for all applications.

I.D. Me Labels is your #1 source for personalized name labels, daycare labels, school labels, camp labels, kids labels and baby labels.

Baby Bottle Name Labels

36 Circles 1 1/4"


36 Rectangles 1 3/4 x 1"

For best results, please follow directions carefully when placing your name labels onto your belongings:

 * Name Labels - Prior to adhering your baby bottle name labels, make sure the surface is dry, clean and smooth (labels will not stick to rubber or rubber like material) Firmly press label onto targeted area, making sure not to leave behind any air bubbles.  Wait 24 hours before placing in dishwasher or dryer.

All Personalized Name Labels are printed and shipped within two business days upon receiving your order, with the exception of school and camp season which may take approximately 3-4 business days. Packages are sent USPS (United States Postal Service). Our delivery methods include first-class, priority, express for domestic orders and first-class for international orders.

Please allow 3-5 business days for first-class mail and three business days for priority mail.

*Note: international first-class shipping may take up to 3 weeks.

United States First Class Domestic Mail (USPS)
Within 3-5 Business Days

Order Amount: Postage

$0.01-$49.00 $3.50

United States Priority Mail (USPS)
Within 2-3 Business Days

Order Amount: Postage

$0.01-$100 $6.50
100.01-$300 $11.50

United States Domestic Express Mail (USPS)

Order Amount: Postage

$0.01-$200 $21.00

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