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How to label swim goggles with I.D. Me Name Labels

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I received this great question over the weekend and wanted to share the different methods of labeling swim goggles. In case anyone else there has the same problem, I hope this solution helps.


Q. How do you label goggles so the label stays on? More specifically which label of yours works on goggles? I really want to label my son's goggles but am not sure how.


A.  Hope your summer is going well! Thank you for your question. There are actually several ways you can label goggles.  In fact, my daughter left her goggles at swim school earlier during the week among a thousand other students and luckily it was returned to us because I had put a label on it with her name.


Since there are so many types of goggles on the market, I can tell you where it works best for the Kid's Speedo Brand. That's the type my daughter has and what seems to be popular at the moment. The first method is placing the "Bib/Pacifier Button" (this is the label you would use) on the outer lens side of the goggles. The second method is placing the label on the back side of the goggle's tensioner. I have taken pictures to demonstrate. Both ways works well. It's just a matter of preference. Happy Swimming! 


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By: Anne Pham

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