The pairing of the Totem Model 1 (then $1,495) and Target R4 (a whopping $675) became iconic. Shipping to United Kingdom. Quote; Share this post. Solid mahogany. Target MR-Series Speaker Stands Create a Firm, Solid Base for Your Speakers - Designed and Manufactured in Canada. Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Mike S, Sep 23, 2019. Here in the U.K. the stand to use for Proac 1 is the TARGET R4. Target R4 stand vs Target R6 stand Posted by BillyL (A ) on November 3, 2008 at 20:15:11 Does any one know what the difference is, between the R4 and the R6 speaker stands, both are 24" tall and the R6 … The additional acoustic output of the 5.1 setup may require the fabrication of a few more DIY abfusors. What are other options? Aplikasi Data Kendaraan Bermasalah Silahkan Menghubungi nomor 08127448554 Data Matel Nusantara APLIKASI DATA UNTUK MENCARI KENDARAAN BERMASALAH FREE TRIAL 1 HARI UNTUK MENCOBA APLIKASI DARI KAMI Memudahkan Rekan-Rekan semua dalam hal Pencarian Data Kenda FITUR-FITUR Data Matel Nusantara APLIKASI DATA : * Menggunakan Sistem ONLINE & … Followers 1. Looking for a pair of target R4 speaker stands. Check out my other listings as i will combine postage . Target R4 / Sonus Speaker stands. They look like Target R4 stands, my brother has a pair, heavy welded construction. 6(b), since the audio speaker has Keswick Audio Figaro speakers. [FS] Quad ESL63 [FS] Quadraspire Q4 EVO Oak rack silver legs [FS] Quadraspire rack + columns [FS] Quality RCA and XLR Interconnects [FS] Raidho D1 with stands [FS] Raspberry Pi package [FS] Raspberry Pi2/Iqaudio PiDac+ Tripath ClassD Fullrange Speakers Perfect for Proac Tablette, ATC SCM7 or SCM10 and other smaller monitor style speakers. Hi guys, Im in the market for a decent pair of stands but due to owning mainly floorstanders over the years, Im clueless about what to look out for. Speaker stands are a must to boost the sound much better. They come spwith spikes, 60 cm... more details Weigh 25kgs each as they are Pre Factory filled with high density filler. I have B&W Silver Signatures (the 805's grandfather, the $8000.00 all silver wired monitor from 1991) and spike both the stands and the speakers with their AudoPoints. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The Target company trading now is not the same co. as before,but that doesn't mean their products aren't as good. Target R series speaker stands Sign in to follow this . Compete easily w/ Target R4's and are better looking with narrow front profile and round columns, which I think looks congruent with a small speaker like the LS35A. They weigh 25kgs each as they are filled. They are in good condition, a few marks as all these old Target stands seem to have but they look great. Weigh 25kgs each as they are Pre Factory filled with high density filler. Asking Price: CAD $ 300.00. Target r4 speaker stands - suit proac dynaudio. Given the compromise, the sound is excellent. Target R4 speaker stands – Good condition, Atabite filled and complete with all spikes. PS I’ve just added a further complication in that I’ve swapped out my ultra high-mass Target R4 stands for Falcon’s own LS3/5A stands, which are still ‘high mass’, but about half that of the truly back-breaking Targets. Darren L, Jul 23, 2020 #2. Or maybe you have something similarly heavy and well built? The One SCs are supported by sand-filled Target R4 speaker stands (sadly now discontinued), to which they are coupled with a few blobs of Blu-Tack. But combined, the Model 1 + R4 totaled $2,170. Tony L Administrator. These are legendary stands, mass filled from new and as sturdy as you will find. Notify me before the end of … I was thinking some Target R3/R4 would be ideal, but these are rare/expensive on … Now, I have recently stumbled upon second hand Target R4 stands and these are supposed to be one of the best. Condition: N/A (?) These stands are not welded like some so dust could escape, maybe. Closest sound would be Sonus Faber speakers but still I prefer Haydn much more. In Fig. squidgy feet doesnt decouple Any material that exhibits elasticity decouples to some degree. Target R4 Speaker stands - suit Proac Dynaudio Rog . Speaker stands for kef tdm 23's. Blk.96db efficient. Link to post Share on other sites. Item #92908. As in Fig. In Reply to: Target R4 stand vs Target R6 stand posted by BillyL on November 3, 2008 at 20:15:11: The R6 is just a beefier version of the R4 and are meant for bigger monitors. I am using Target R4 Stands. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Both stands are based on the same design principals. £ 199 Target R4 speaker stands. Target R series speaker stands. Does anyone have any tips? [FS] ProAc Response 1SC Yew & Sonus (Target) R4 Stands [FS] Q Acoustic Concept 20 Speakers. Totem's current top-of-the-line Element Fire also needs speaker stands. Usually, JM Reynaud are coupled with wooden JMR stands, but these are no longer available (and plain ugly I might add). For that kind of money, most audiophiles went with floorstanders. £150. Mint condition. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze 1 in white Speaker cables: Van Damme 268-525-060 Blue Series Studio Grade Banana plugs: QED Qunex Screwloc Speaker stands: Atacama Moseco 6 filled with Atacama Atabites filler standing on Atacama floor spike shoes Date Posted: Jun 16, 08 5:14pm (PST) About Seller: NS, Canada Days in System: 4581: Give Feedback on This Seller. £ … I use taget HJ15/3 - a great stand in it's day. 6, any speaker can detect the target located at a distance of 5m. IMHO, though it is a bookshelf speaker, it can easily compete with most of $1000-3000 floorstanders. Target Audio R4 Speaker stands. ( just to make the speakers easier to move around and not get impaled on the spikes) a very nice lift in sound quality considering the R4's sit on Townsend Podiums- … We intend to order some custom Sound Anchor 4 post stands to raise the rear channel DSP5000s a foot or so to clear the couch back better, improve the sense of envolopment further, and better match the tweeter height of the DSP6000s. I know this isn’t the ideal installation as the speakers would be better on stands and further apart, but it’s what I have to live with for now. Heco 330S speakers. The rest of my system remains unchanged. The speakers are ProAc 1SC. travel to west london for work so collection possible there too, please contact me. In answer to a question above Targets are not drilled for top spikes. 60cm (24") version with a top plate 155mm x 215mm to fit Proac 1s speakers. 6(a), multiple reflections occur owing to the wall of the gym at the back of the speaker and the speaker itself, and virtual images are seen at the distances of 10, 15, and 20m. these are heavy! As I have decided to change direction, my Target R4 stands are now up for sale. I have filled my stands with sand for 3/4. Watch Report This Ad. Target's MR-Series is a massive stand for highest quality loudspeakers requiring the most robust platform. Sonus Target R4 High Mass St... SOLD : Sonus high mass stands, which have successfully used with Proac speakers. SOLD - FOR SALE: Target R4 Speaker Stands . Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by fatrich, Jul 25, 2001. the best speaker stands I've ever heard are the Quadraspire Perspex ones, but I think they're too ugly to have at home, but sonically nothing comes close, not even slate stands. By age136, November 7, 2013 in 2 Channel. I have used these high mass stands as a perfect match for Proac speakers and suited to other high end standmount speakers. New/unused/boxed. ... Now for some new speakers to pop on top..... Bangaio, Jul 24, 2020 #11. [WTD] Target R4 stands. So, I was wondering whether this has to do with my stands being from steel. May Audio also imported Target stands. Info: Target R4 Speaker Stands. Four risers robustly brace the stand against resonances. Target audio r4 speaker stands. Target R4 / Sonus Speaker stands. Not to mention this is one of the top bookshelf speakers. I have the Sistrum SP-6 six shelf equipment rack which is fantastic, and I plan on going with the SPK stands when I quit upgrading my equipment and the money becomes available. I have used lead shot in the past, bought from a gun shop to reload shotgun shells, but I think this is not really safe. Collection from Liverpool (Probably 40kg per side). Almost identical to Target R4 stands. I have used these high mass stands as a perfect match for Proac speakers and suited to other high end standmount speakers. Boxed. Jul 25, 2001 at 10:49 AM. This is a four pillar version and extremely heavy(it takes two persons to lift one!!). Hi, I just bought Dark Lords’ Target R4 stands and they are in very good condition which I’m delighted about, but lacking spikes (super spikes going in anyway, so not fussed) and sadly the badges are missing too, so if you know where I might get hold of a pair of the lovely old plastic Target 3D raised badges please let me know. Four rectangular pillars to fill. This is a Target R4. Mike S pfm Member. I don't need to say much about these, suffice to say that they are one of the best stands ever made. 60cm tall 155mm x 215mm top plate Pickup in brighton please. Does anyone have any idea how heavy the R4 / R5 stands are ? a little dusty but ready for a new home! Forum; Hi-Fi Studio & Trade; Private Exhibitions; For Sale : Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 network player / streamer A classic. See complete description. Hugely heavy, inert and a perfect platform for most bookshelf speaker designs. MINT Condition throughout Dimensions are - height 61 cms, top plate 15cms wide, 21.5cms deep, bottom plate 25cms wide, 30.5cms deep. This includes the bath, bath shower tap, wall mounted basin and basin metal stand, basin taps, mirror and shelf. Ultra-thick base and top plates sandwich the risers. Target r4 60cm speaker stands in very good condition with spikes. The fgxpress power strips can make one's back return to its normal state Little heads up, under my Target R4 speaker stands replaced the standard spikes with Soundcare Superspikes…. In Fig. fatrich, Jul 25, 2001 #1. Cables are best left to Kimber and amplification wise Audion Silver Night monoblocs have been found to create a superb match - just ask Sam Tellig. Osiris went out of business about two years ago and you can find them around @250 used (heavy to ship in two separate boxes, like most good stands; negotiate the ship with seller).

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