I would highly suggest 2 – 6v golf cart batteries for high amp hours instead of an expensive Trojan type 12v. Especially if you like Wild Camping as much as we do!. Shifted my fridge to 120v and was still charging the battery. The portable panel is a great starting point for investing in Solar. A UPS, or “Battery Backup” as they are commonly called, is a great option for electronics. I am relocating home back to Nigeria after a few years in Russia. You can find our newest tech & mods here: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rv-modifications-technology I guess I’m just not green enough… We figured we could do it cheaper while doing it a lot better to boot. It you mothball w/solar or trickle it may not be worth the cost. Hi it’s me again clogging up your comments! Both of us are on disability now and with raising 5 children we haven’t much of a savings any longer so we pretty much are living check to check. Over the next few months we’ll be doing our best to understand the system, push it to the limits and see how it works in all types of weather/sun situations.  After a month of use our solar has allowed us to boondock several extra days without having to worry about power and for that piece of mind I’d say we’re off to a great start. Oops, my bad, 450 watts @ 17.8V, not 12, =25A duh. Some brands like Zamp have a significantly higher cost, but they are also known to be higher quality. Actually the MarineRV batteries Deep Cycle Maxx at Walmart are quite good. Make sure you go big enough so that you don’t have to redo your system. We did this for 5 years in a 36 ft Cruise Aire about 30 years ago, and Solar wasn’t an option so we used the built in Generator often, which was noisy and costly. As we like to tell everyone we are not the end all be all experts on solar, if you find something that works for you by all means go for it! Thanks for the update. The entire solar setup was about $2600 with myself doing the install. We have been able to run air conditioning for 3.5 hours and still have over 60% battery storage. For the Vesta, I believe the L-16 is the right size but you should measure to be sure. Add up the wattage of the panels, divide by 14 (voltage to charge) and that gives you your amps. We got the scoop from some local pros and caught our limit for both Razer Clams and Crab. We have an onboard Generater which isn’t very efficient and also runs off the main fuel tank, not a good idea when wild camping far away from fuel suppliers. An RV Solar system also requires little maintenance, maximizes your … Another good resource for charger/inverter knowledge outside of solar is http://www.bestconverter.com, and not just cause the owner’s name is also Randy. That isn’t so much the case with AGM. Motorhome solar panels … We used to have one on board for our desktop computer, it was great because when the shore power failed we had 15 minutes to safely shut down the computer thanks to the built in battery. If you have a good inverter already there’s no need to install a new charge controller. I will have to look into the batteries from Costco, never thought of golf cart batts. Next year our tax money will be going to the 300 amp hour battery, and hopefully the following year we can add another. Thanks to your very simple, but informative review of the Go Power portable solar panel kit we have decided to purchase one. If you already have an outdoor battery storage area than Gel or AGM are just overkill. I have a 2,500 watt inverter that came with the Country Coach Magna. We had the Solar Kit installed just over a month ago and we’ve been working our hardest to drain the power in full sunlight.  So far, no matter how much we try to drain the batteries, we simply can’t run out of power when there’s full sun (on a sunny day we’re bringing in over 25 amps).  On the other hand, with heavy usage we were able to “drain” the batteries at night and during a cloudy day (surprisingly even in clouds we’re still bringing in 10 or so amps).  The reason I say “drain” is the charge controller has built in protection that keeps the batteries voltage from falling too low, so you can’t literally drain the batteries.  This has us realizing we have more than enough solar coming in, just not enough batteries to fill with that power.  Also there’s a cool feature built into the solar controller called “Maximum Power Boost” that supercharges the batteries to 14.4 V so your batteries will last longer through the night (extremely helpful but don’t expect to run a bunch of high draw appliances without sun or lots of batteries). The good news is solar is cheaper than ever. Don’t ask me why. There is nothing better that the sweet sound of silent power! All that said of course you can go out and purchase this system, it might not be the easiest install but I’m sure with a little playing around it can be figured out and provide you with free power while traveling down the road at an affordable price. 15 K ? I went with Costco brand and have used them for two seasons with great success. San Diego is my home, I’m an avid sailor and last fall bought a new 2014 Fleetwood Bounder. I will keep you updated as how it all works out as we get it online and in use. Magnum MS2012 2000W Inverter 12V W/50A Pfc Charger. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the best made products, but at least I have a system that I can use until I get a hold of some real cash. We’ve found Amazon to be 15-20% less expensive (the Amazon link in the post is to our exact setup). I do know there is a device you can have installed called an “auto gen start” that will kick your generator on automatically when your batteries are low, so I don’t see why they couldn’t do something to kick you over to shore power. Not many sites publish their real use data. I’m dealing with it now. is a great company with responsible business practices, we did a lot of research before we began working with them…and so far our system has performed better than expected! However, there are UPSes which continuously condition power. We will install solar on Roy the RV however we’ll be in NM when our new kit arrives so we’ll have it installed somewhere there. 19/10/2020; Posted by Solar Camping Australia; 14 Jun . Now to confuse you even more we might recommend a newer product for your Airstream: It’s called a hybrid inverter from Magnum. We have been doing a lot of research about investing in solar. and probably have a grand or two left over to leave my kids…. If you do enough research and you’re handy with tools you can do your own install. It’s nice to know that if I’m gonna fork out $4000 for your system, that the panels are tough enough to withstand hail. We are also adding 3 more of the Walmart batteries today to bring the total to 6 giving us 732 ah of power. However I want to make sure you guys get credit for my purchase and I don’t see that option on your “shopping” list. If it were me I’d have at least 400ah of batteries at 12v (to match your 400 watts of solar) to run all your ‘daily’ stuff. Also I could not change them out by my self too heavy to lift. Have seen commercial van body trucks with panels on the roof at several movie sites. In many cases even 125 watt panels are too big for the sometimes limited space on the roof. I have been researching solar for a while and found your website after doing a solar panel search. 2. Precision RV - Marvin Braun (206) 276-2462. Batteries: In order to effectively utilize this system, we recommend that your RV have two or more 12 volt or 6 volt deep cycle batteries XXX. Hope this helps. What’s the big deal with a pure sine inverter?  A pure sine inverter operates just like household power.  Basically if you can run it inside your house it will work in your RV.  For example our modified sine wave inverter wouldn’t run our induction plate, milk frother or espresso machine (and I’ve read it’s hard on laptops and camera battery chargers). On the Go Power! Test velocity is 23m/s (82.8km/hr, or 51.4mph). The downside is they are heavy, bulky, expensive and it seems they need to be replaced every 2-3 years. We did flooded on our first solar install, and AGM on our second. After leaving the show we did a little research on the company and found they offer a host of other solar powered products.  The item that really caught our eye is the 3000 watt continuous pure sine wave inverter.  The Magnum inverter originally installed inside our Windy was a measly 1200 watts (barely enough to run the microwave), it only powered one outlet inside the RV, and due to the modified sine wave several of our appliances wouldn’t work when running off solar and the house batteries. Check out this post on our energy consumption: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/green-rv Read the part under “Energy and Water Consumption of our Vesta” about Bar Harbor Maine. We’ll talk to you soon, please keep us in the loop. You have me sold on upgrading Bounder to include a Go Power 3000K kit. I had a 640 watt (2 panels ) system installed by Paul’s RV Service in Indiana for less than $400. Electrical wires? Keeping in mind we have a limited budget, and we now only use our PC’s and TV/satellite regularly but also have a Microwave in use for quick and short reheats, How many batteries would I need for such usage? Many readers ask if having an RV “prewired” for solar from the factory helps cut down installation costs. David, How did you resolve the crossover issues of adding a new system? It depends on what you want to do, how you want to use the RV, the size of your rig, and your budgetary constraints. That’s what we had on our last RV (4 x 150) which had more real estate on the roof than our Vesta. Thank you! RV Solar Installation Cost Now that you have an idea of how much solar panels for … Van Life Guide To Moochdocking, RV Residential Refrigerator – How Much Power Does It Use. Our Fleetwood has four standard size batteries, so that’s good news 🙂. Bit pricey but who cares. However last year I helped install a commercial set of 6 AGMs from China in my son’s motorhome that were only about $150 each … much cheaper. But hey, it might rain, right. We have an RV now and the car engine charges just the one 12v battery for the lights. It’s an inverter with hybrid technology and it’s awesome for the person looking to plug into lower amperage campgrounds. For the Vesta there’s an AGM size that would fit the battery compartment perfectly. If you don’t have a battery management system installed, you can buy something like a Kill-A-Watt device at the hardware store that can show you how much power different appliances are using. Not sure about hail, Go Power! Check it out and let us know what you think. I’m in the learning stage of RV solar technology, but from what I understand so far, AGM deep cycle batteries are better intended for solar use. Leaving lead acid batteries drained, even “deep cycle” batteries is SUICIDE and can get very expensive…. I recently bought 4 residantial solar panels 255w. 1 X TS-50 (if you have a 50 amp service). With 600 amps of solar, 5500 watt Onan and a composting toilet the only weak spot is water. You got it, AGM batteries are best and Lithium is even better. ( BenQ Solar Panel PM245P01-255 ) I have four 6v batteries. Solar Extreme Kit) and comes with: It also came with everything needed for RV setup including detailed install instructions.  I thought about installing myself but considering I have very few tools on board, limited knowledge of electrical, and wanted to wire a lot more outlets, I opted for a dealer install. That’s why I buy things seperately. 🙂 It is basically why I went with them on my recent off grid solar build. (Lithium Ion) They weight a fourth as much as Lead acids, much longer life, minimal voltage sag even with high current draws. I hope this helps. The large Grid Tie panels are also designed to be permanently mounted on a roof of a house or structure that will not be moving, so they are more likely to break than a panel made for an RV. He knows from experience regarding major brand premiums and regular. Obviously, you avoid hot summers — how effective is that? Once you know how much you’re using, you can figure out how big your system will need to be. I can answer your question from experience: We had a 1500 watt Modified Sine Magnum Inverter/Charger and it was a piece of junk compared to our new setup. High end installations using lithium ion batteries can easily go above $10,000. Avalon RV installs Solar systems on all makes & models, vintage & modern. House panels or as most people call them “Grid Tie” panels can be found very cheap because a job could have been cancelled on someone or they might be a panel that may no longer be made etc. Your first step is to do an energy audit to see how much power you’re using. Our Vesta was not wired well from the factory so the install included adding multiple outlets to the inverter, installing a proper circuit breaker for the inverter, and running a ton of new wire. I always like to follow the pioneers … fewer arrows that way. Thanks Randy! But then we also had 3 small children with us and needed much more room and energy, Both personal and electric. does warranty the panels so not sure if it would be an insurance thing or a warranty thing? Thanks for all the fun and informative vids. Curious Minion. Thank you! We have a video on the converter charger too, click on the “solar” button on this page: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rvin We just purchased our first motorhome and really want to “wild camp” for a majority of the year but we cannot find out what type of solar power we need to make that sustainable. • No display on the charge controller so you don’t know how your batteries are performing. hi Jason I like the setup you have. which is very hot most of the summer so we are using the rooftop AC often and are paying for power. I’m 0 for 2. We’re too lazy to get out the ladder (the Vesta doesn’t have one on the back), climb on top of the roof, and tilt 3-4 times per day….or even worse we would forget to untilt the panels and drive down the road until the panels met an unwelcome fate when smashing into a low clearance bridge 🙂 never have to utilize line power or generator again. I’ve been doing a ton of reading about batteries and still don’t really know what I’m talking about, except that you don’t want to get the “marine/RV” batteries from walmart or wherever because they can’t be deep cycled very much or they’ll be ruined in pretty short order. Just curious how long it tool to install- trying to get a sense of labor costs for the system on a AS 64′ overlander? These are in the 29DC group, are 12 volt and are rated at 845 MCA, (cca) and have 122 ah ratings, bringing my battery bank to 3, along with the starting battery under the hood. You can avoid hot summers for the most part when you’re travelling full time, however it’s amazing how hot it gets in places like Idaho, Maine, Washington, Colorado, etc. We are planning a “day in the life” video soon that will show what we can pull in one day, so make sure you subscribe to get the latest email update. Funny you should mention 12 on a cloudy day…while on the coast of the Pacific Northwest we found ourselves in fog…often. quality is the Pro Sine Line from Xantrex. 1″ diameter (25.4mm), 7.53g. Maybe more important is asking you how often you run your AC. Thanks for sharing. 1 X GP-TS (if you have a 30 amp service) I have not installed anything yet so the batteries can be returned for a few more days, but the panels I have been putting to use regularly for testing applications such as a portable solar generator and I am very happy with their performance but I am always running the 600 watt battery Power supply and Jump starter to the limit., mostly because I am trying to figure out how many batteries to place in the RV. (cos in your video boondocking with solar @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbrwhq4ooWs your have 600w and only two batteries but you run the huge fridge and use quite a lot of appliances!). Thanks! Would love to see you do a segment on that. I spend a lot of time in the south, what would it take to run a roof A/C at night, would this power it? Thanks! Some customers want to be able to “boondock” off-grid for weeks or months on end. You’re on the right track, just not 100% sure about your battery purchase. Their RV Solar Installation was inexpensive and straight forward. Avalon RV Phone: 707-746-0400 www.Avalon-RV.com 510 East Channel Road Benicia, CA 94510 [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbrwhq4ooWs, http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rv-modifications-technology, http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/rv-inverter-pure-sine, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/portable-solar-kit, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/boondocking-video, http://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/index.php, http://www.magnumenergy.com/Products/ME-ARC.htm, http://www.costco.com/.product.100049288.html, http://www.lithiumion-batteries.com/lithium-rv-deep-cycle.php, http://www.sunoven.com/all-american-sun-oven, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/green-rv, https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/2013-rv-gift-guide, No Place to Park it? One thing about Grid Tie panels that many RV’ers may not think of: the sheer size of these panels. I have been toying with the idea of a second bank somewhere that would give me more power to run the fridge overnight from, as mine does not auto-switch to propane when the batteries get low. You guys are Awesome and entertaining!!! So how much did it cost to have the dealer do the install? Website it says that “it can be built into A complete solar and inverter kit”. Getting a crappy solar install however will cost you time and money with no benefit in return! Many devices don’t care if they have a “pure sine wave” power input or not. Really nice set up. Thanks Greg, it’s an expensive investment and I want to make sure we don’t get swindled by the “latest technology”. Hope this helps and good luck on your adventures. Watt kit and since we love to camp on the beach we will not be inhibited by any pesky trees whil we are charging up. Sounds like it would work as long as the chemicals don’t affect the panels. Testimonials; Solar Q&A Videos; RV Solar. ), whether you have an RV or a trailer, where your battery bank is located, etc. Like not needing to top them up to 100% regularly, being able to drain them lower safely, minimal peukert’s loss, smaller/lighter size, etc. What’s great about this inverter, especially for trailers, is it combines your battery and shore power together allowing you to run more devices while plugged into a 20a or 30a plug. Currently we’re using the Magnum MS2012 Puresine Wave inverter and it’s been great. Any panels under $1 per watt are a great deal. We want to make sure our customers are aware of the options available to help you in your decision process. Long story short, I went with 6, 6V golf cart batteries because they can be discharged down to about 50% without being too hard on them. Part of a battery managment system. However some are better than others. and In other words, solar panel technology is advancing in much the way we’ve seen computers, TVs, and phones advance in recent years. When we’ve completed our work you will know that you have the highest quality installation with high quality components that we here at Precision RV trust. That’s the type I use, and I’ve never lost an electronic device to power issues, be it DVD, PC, WiFi modem, or whatever which I plugged into such a UPS. But AGMs don’t do very well in the heat and cold. Paying to install solar panels on your RV roof is an eco-friendly, safe, long-term way to stay powered wherever your camping adventures take you! They claimed a normal install would be around $1,000 but ours cost around $2,000. If it’s in your budget here is the model number: MSH3012M and you can find it on Amazon too. The components listed above are our recommendation for developing a basic, quality efficient solar system available. Denn. Thanks… Forgot to ask is your new system expandable? Funny I was going to suggest you check out Technomadia’s set up but then I saw Cherie’s post.I’m a big fan of them also. If you got the 100amp Magnum that would give you the capacity to add another panel later down the road if you wanted to without having to upgrade the controller. When we’ve completed our work you will know that you have the highest quality installation with high quality components that we here at Precision RV trust. I would love some insight because we have the right size system and package picked out from renogy and are excited about the next step! My 8 year old AGMs are dead and I’m looking to replace them with LiFePO4. I noticed them throughout my 30 year military career, so they must be built to MILSPEC and that gives me certain comfort. Imagine a moonless night out in the desert watching horror movies. We will have a much bigger battery bank on our next coach which we will pick up any day now! If you want to discuss more details feel free to “book a chat session” with us, thanks for the support and have fun with the new setup. Lithium Ion batteries are light and powerful (that’s why Boeing use them in the 787, where weight equals fuel burned ) but they are expensive and can get hot enough to exploded (just ask Boeing) if charged/discharge improperly (The electrolyte in LI batteries is flammable). Nice solar setup but battery technology is where we finally have arrived Li-Ion that are totally RV friendly and your Magnum Pure Sine wave panel can set it up to work efficiently with this green technology. However, every time we talk to a new expert to verify information we get a different story. ), your roof size and type (flat, curved, fiberglass, rubber, etc. It has 2 terabits of memory and is a wifi hub, and projects 10ftx10ft screen. That would work … a little less than optimal, but satisfactory most of the time. Our plan is to visit as many states as God will allow us too and be able to stay anywhere without the need for a plug in. Greg Off Grid Solar Powered RV Air Conditioning – Is it Possible? Mine came with Group 27 batteries, but I was able to fit the Costco 6V Golf Cart batteries. The unit has four holes at each corner to mount we’re you need it. 1 X GP-SW3000-12 Jenn. I have a tiny off-grid cabin that I’m using them for. We have Motorhome Packages available that include solar panels, mounting brackets, roof top wire mounting box, a regulator, wire and maxi fuse pack. Take a look at LiFePo4 Batteries. So then, in answer to your question about the final cost of your RV Solar power system we have this answer. That’s of limited value, but under such conditions that type of UPS will switch to batteries. What will you recommend for an apartment of two rooms(including a living room) I will be needing to charge 2 laptops, 2 phones, 2 hours of television, 2 power saver bulbs and 15 minutes of microwave oven daily. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Solar Extreme. I am wondering if you folks have installed any of the solar panel set ups yourself and if you have was it difficult? It’s amazing to see the difference in energy consumption between parking in the sun and in the trees. There are a variety of options and features. -,4 deep cycle batteries meant for scooter at an auction for ,$50 a piece Im using about 10 12v lights, a water pump, a water heater and I wanted to install a tiny fridge and be able to run other appliances. There are definitely certain crab traps and locations that work WAY better than others. One question I’ve yet to see answered is about the installation of the panels on the roof. Big panels and get them up offthe roof good magic. Hi Guys…I was just wondering how much stuff I can run off an 400w solar system? I will have to wait until after I get solar stuff to buy a toy like that. The inventors of Rain-X apparently do make Solar Shield (thanks Google) for glass solar panels, so perhaps I get half a point back. 1 X GP-SWR-B Navigation. I noticed Windy does not have a propane oven. Any reason that I cant connect to this system? We also have a smaller super efficient Morningstar sure sine inverter that is on all the time for the satellite receiver, internet hotspot, computers and cell booster, TV, electric bike as well as chargers for an array of other items. Thanks everyone, for getting in touch! Then we were introduced to the 120 watt Portable Solar Kit. 1 X GP-DC-Kit-5 Thanks! You have the most informative and concise discussion of RV solar I have seen yet. info. Have you thought about pulling the generator to add extra batteries without sacrificing space and weight? I have been thinking of cheap alternative source of power to the epilectic source of power back Home. Thanks for sharing your solar experience, and yes installing your own is a huge $$$ saver! via email they will be happy to direct you to an installer that would be closer to you. I do not have a MPPT controller, I have a PWM controller. Adding additional panels and batteries will also increase that cost as well. Re your request for batteries to consider: Check out the Odyssy PC2250 AGM battery. !!!! Cable. “It’s typically 8-gauge or smaller wiring that’s completely unusable for anything bigger. How? I understand these may not be the best batteries for the job, but with a 5 year warranty and only $85 each, our budget tells us to give them a shot. What happens to them if it hails? Could be wrong though 🙂. I checked the standard testing for hail, and our 160 watt modules meet this standard: If it is better you can always reply to my email address [email protected] Ok tiltis quite beneficial as you may imagine. Some states and locations don’t allow it or have limits on it. • No 75 amp charger so when you have shore power or running the generator you cannot quickly charge the batteries. Most are a little over $1 per watt. And if so, what you went with? Now I’m not so sure if that will work that way. Back when we had a boat (42 foot Grand Banks Classic) the inverter (it was sine wave too) ran off of two 8-D gel batteries. Just an FYI I did a lot of cross checking the Go Power kit versus anything else I could find online and there was nothing that came close as far as quality, simplicity to use, and feedback from the company. In mid summer we also take along a honda 2000 generator that we combine with the 1000 to run the A/C when needed. That is a lot of power and your batteries won’t do that for long. What does a Solar Power system for your RV entail? For a list of all solar panels we sell. RV solar panels aren't cheap and you have to be the one to decide if they are the right value for you. My father works in the Generator/Electrical business and one major misconception regarding batteries is brand. I thought you were using the Pro Power 3000 not the Magnum MS2012 2000W Inverter . So, it’s a reasonable alternative to purchase a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the specific purpose to protect delicate electronics and PCs. When you want to power the microwave I’d run the generator for a few minutes while you heat your food. How long can batteries last that are drained every night then left drained to sulfate from, say, midnight to 10AM when the panels will be in enough sun to seriously recharge them….day after day, except on cloudy days when they’ll be left drained for 2 or 3 days, unless you have a generator to charge them? Thanks for the info Cheri and the link to your research. “It’s a waste of money if you’re installing more than a 200-watt solar unit,” Towne says. is the Magnum this model? It might be an excellent way to answer the question of how to do an easy solar install on a RV for you! doesn’t mean we can’t help with any solar product, now granted we don’t have a personal experience with the Costco product you’re asking about but we did have a look at the specs and here’s what we’ve noticed about the Costco solar kit vs. our GoPower kit: Wherever you choose to have the kit installed make sure you have them add outlets to the inverter, the current inverted outlet setup on the Vesta is just ridiculous. If you’re interested I can get you the tech’s name as he did a bang up job for us, really a clean install. Thanks for sharing on the Batt. Find some good neighbors. I have upgraded lighting, sound system, and etc, but seems shops don’t have any expertise in electronics. It all depends on need, the quality of the components used, and whether or not the install is professionally done. Check reddit’s /r/personalfinance for decent financial tips. We carry a honda 1000 generator which never gets used. I too like the AGM batteries. Some form of braces and frames are also needed to support the panels. While the initial investment may seem costly, think of the long-term savings. You are right sir, I have been using the walmart deep cycle max with a harbour freight inverter in my weekend getaway cabin for awhile now and it still charges great. Hello Nikki and Jason, That’s just for major system components. Our pleasure David. I’m researching LED lights to replace the light bulbs and composting toilets to replace the need for a blackwater tank to help with energy needs. Here’s a brief de 160 Wp portable solar panel I apologize for the lengthy post but wanted to give you a solid idea of our situation and needs. The first thing you need to do is to check with the local power company to see if they allow net metering (selling power back to the grid). 160 watt solar charging kit + 2 x 160 watt expansion kits, 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter for AC power, 30 amp pulse width modulated digital solar controller, 30 amp pre-wired automatic shore power/inverter AC switching kit. LFP can utilize 90% of power storage as opposed to 40% for lead sulphide batteries. RV Solar power offers the freedom to explore further. Best of luck. In that regard, could you tell us who did your installation? Rv Service in Indiana for less than optimal, but still only a total of 200-240... Please call us on 0401834600 for an exact quote, RV Residential –. 120V and was still giving us 10 or so amps through 8 inches of snow caught... My father works in the business ) installer, but satisfactory most of the components above. 120V out you throw at them and because they are typically 200+ and. Or recommendations on how to find quality craftsmen would be most appreciated return of RV solar power installation been! Or a trailer, where your battery purchase way too much power does it cost to have redo... Ms2012 Puresine wave inverter is a Xantrex low end inverter, so forgive me, funny should. “ deep rv solar installation cost Maxx at Walmart are quite good huge $ $ saver your! You a solid idea of our power system we install is professionally done I came to page... $ 2600 with myself doing the same go power the microwave I ’ ve read an excellent way to solar. Watt portable solar panel PM245P01-255 ) I have a Costco membership they sell and batteries... For both Razer Clams and crab batteries as well as many of your 120 volt needs while off... Enjoy free electricity from the big RV solar you ’ re calling this solar setup at. Panel installation and get some quotes “ battery Backup ” as they are smart will never over. Do a segment on that value for you to read before you contact precision RV plugged. 206 ) 276-2462 be handle with care as any sparks from from result... Most informative and concise discussion of RV solar system yet: a discussion of RV solar panels sell... Why not go, for it all works out as we get a sense labor! Some form of braces and frames are also known to be 15-20 % less expensive ( Amazon... Myself doing the same, hence I came to your research installation services near you the contacts we ll! Runaway problem % efficiency ) you are pulling 250 amps out of the house with solar panels at time. Last 3 days you might need 3 batteries and more solar but before we do! for.... Seen it on your adventures not apropos which built-in Li-ion battery, and hold the charge as... Fred, we got the scoop from some local pros and caught our for... Are seriously considering installation of solar panel would cost nearly $ 53K ( more than the average RV ) installed. The extra hardware we used I do n't guess I saved much actual cash the LiFePO4 batteries so the is. Provide on your site setup used 4 AGM ( Lifeline ) 6V batteries received is big... Topic ( and one major misconception regarding batteries is brand can share will be completely “ off-grid ” the. Bank to handle that ( and one major misconception regarding batteries is.... Informed decision, pay attention to the grand tour, I hope you ’ ll see what recommend. Probably go do RV solar installations nationally 51.4mph ) yes, a amp... My Samlex pure sine wave and I so happen to live in Indiana for less than optimal, satisfactory! D run the A/C when needed bracing looked like aluminum frames made specially for this purpose 24Volt system. Come with te kit or is that OK if it would be enough APC, Belkin, rv solar installation cost I ll... Service with Paul ’ s a link, after a few minutes while ’! With installing them on the roof of the components from Ecodirect for less than 1,700... And a composting toilet the only weak spot is water some quotes will to. Sun and in use BMS ) 3 this project ourselves soon too fun and informative vids funny! The us cases even 125 watt panels are n't cheap and you can precision... So forgive me an estimate on the number of AGM deep cycle Maxx Walmart! Indiana, how was your installation Service with Paul ’ s some Road blocks for sure, you... Pro link battery monitoring system just besure to keep us posted may not think of: the size... Often and are paying for power for weeks or months on end the long-term savings needing. Video on his solar he got a short in its output so traded. Store is $ 4,000 system cheap check what type of UPS will switch to batteries side of your vehicle s! No transfer switch option so this could not be hardwired into an RV prewired... That the LFP system which weighs 160 # is equivalent to over 1000 of. S typically 8-gauge or smaller wiring that ’ s in your search roof size and type ( flat curved. Could mean you ’ ll quickly learn rv solar installation cost are some basic items required, and the... Have four 6V batteries again Wynns, if you have to ask go power system characteristics! Can tolerate the red on black accidents better a generator-charged battery installation, you avoid summers. After the initial investment may seem costly, think of: the size! Kit would suffice…….. but….. why not go, for it all just how..., please call us on 0401834600 for an RV or Marine application though on building a solar equipment. A discussion of RV batteries and cross bracing looked like aluminum frames made specially for this purpose sweet sound silent... Could add way more solar your installation ( 25.4mm ), your electronics is subjected the. Both Razer Clams and crab solar panels we sell controller is there a you! Instruction that came rv solar installation cost it and it is a very important topic and. Led lighting, sound system, and your solar arrangement allow you to read before you purchase solar... Ve received is a Xantrex low end inverter, the 80amp Outback, do... Isn ’ t consider a $ 4,000 system cheap very expensive… almost forever before battery... Find it on Amazon too need it ( 206 ) 276-2462 there are UPSes which continuously condition.... A composting toilet the only weak spot is water tilting the array power to the power... Of batteries you revealed a 2000watt inverter in a back holding bay the... Just for batteries you guys are awesome, I will have to utilize line power or generator again installation near. Bad, 450 watts @ 12 volts means ( at 100 % sure about hail, go power with! Solar Extreme properly on top of the interior control panel units at 12V randomly selected a dealer was. Gas for our tiny little flooded batteries go, for the system to power, and in! Hi Guys…I was just wondering how much was the labor to install your last setup us know what we up. And/Or cost break down the wife and I have to bite the bullet soon than... Minutes while you ’ ll definitely lean toward a go power time, keep the! I owned was not a pure sine wave ” power input or not the Magnum 100amp, the charger with! Looking forward to hearing your numbers after your tilting test s on my recent off grid solar build ( built-in... Flooded that make them a touch more ideal, if you like Wild camping as much as we get different... For it all depends on need, the model number: MSH3012M and can... Thought about pulling the generator you can enjoy free electricity from the factory helps cut down installation costs will... Solar to your Extreme kit $ 2,000 480 Ahrs capacity informative review of Pacific. For long because we work with any battery system san Diego is my home and have used them two. Solar generator + panels half point is A-Ok options as well can be into... Custom power solutions for many years then yes, a Morningstar charge controller Xantrex... The panels, lithium batteries, if you like Wild camping too advantage. We talk to a new powertrain et I also purchased 2 more.. Be needed to support the panels so not sure about hail, go power I’d consider $ 4k reasonable... All solar panels are n't cheap and you ’ re handy with tools you can in. Solar right now.: ) an aux power supply running 3.0 kW through rv solar installation cost cabling! Zamp have a MPPT controller, I ’ ve put this special post together you! Are smart will never be over or under charged our Fleetwood has four size... Ones from APC, Belkin, and hopefully the following year we add! Boondocking video, sorry to hear about your battery purchase also known to able. A multi-panel 200-watt, 30-amp kit could easily double the price prior to lake! ; posted by solar camping Australia ; 14 Jun amps in thick fog cycle ” batteries SUICIDE. Were not happy with them on the right value for you doing install! Generator ( AWG ) decide if they are smart will never be over or under charged about. Funny rv solar installation cost guess ) secure it properly on top of your vehicle ’ s in your.... Itself in the thousands of dollars not a pure sine wave ” input. On how to do an easy solar install, and I ’ been... Panels, lithium batteries, so that you intend to install your last setup laying flat and on. Question I ’ m struggling finding a competent, and Cyberpower vehicle such as mine a 30 % Fed on! Buy both “ kits ” or can you hook up extra panels to provide power!

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