I just want to play scrabble like the original board game. Look up Wordfeud. This whole format is not geared for real Scrabble players. I believe it is very important to them. WE all just want to play Scrabble. How can so many people play a game without realising they are just playing a smut chat? I can’t find a link but I just heard that the government of the province of Quebec has been asked to intervene by an association of seniors. 100% agree fellow epilepsy sister. Please let’s try to complete a survey or petition to keep the old scrabble. This is my lifeline – I’m going to protect this pad forever! Death is inevitable. We are really dumbing down America. Are all the opponents, even the bots, from the USA so using American words and spellings? Scrabble Go is a ridiculous waste of of time. I’m so sick, I can’t believe what they have done to my beloved game that I’ve played for years. (She’s awesome at it, by the way — she’ll clean your clock.) I guess I’ll just go to bed earlier….. But. I’ve deleted Scrabble Go… What nonsense! The server keeps track of the score. There are a few out there still playing. Have you figured out how to? Especially during this time of isolation. I beg ,for all my heart, PLEASE give back the previous Scrabble! Please bring back the original app. They were very prompt at answering. Hasbro has given us senior citizens the middle finger. I want the old game back please. Let them feel customer angst. Horrible. Sad. I spent a sad day yesterday, thinking it was the last day of the Scrabble App. I’m so glad I found this page. But $60 a year to avoid deliberately obnoxious ads? I have tried the new Scrabble Go and it is absolutely rubbish. And, we shouldn’t forget, we need to be able to query a dictionary, and make the green outline that indicates a valid word into an option. Folks can challenge the play or the score. And these same robots are still calling me for a game every time I click on the Go! Keep your silly updates but give us the original version even if it need to be bought. Please remain there for the rest of your living days, thanks. Scrabble Go and will stay in withdrawal mode until I can find an appropriate alternative. I have a long time opponent in the original FB scrabble. May I suggest that they go ahead with their Scrabble Go and also hang on to the current version and call it Scrabble Old? I am not even going to give the new game a try. though at least thanks to all the howls of protest, they have now introduced a ‘classic’ mode which dispenses with most of the tedious gimmicks like jewels and silly extra screens . The second guy resigned the game when I declined to give him my gmail so I blocked him and reported it. Help! Yes. I did a quick search and a few recommendations came up. She will not handle the ridiculous twist on a game she has cherished for 70 years. I Scrabble before going to bed, and before dinnertime as I relax from the day’s work. The colours make it difficult to see the tiles. Check it out: Rob, god luck with your game. Query scrabble and you have a choice… what’s the cost even if they call it Old Scrabble no one cares! Post a comment on EA’s Scrabble Digital Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ScrabbleEA/posts/?ref=page_internal, Write to EA’s PR Department: scrabble Go is horrible, bring back the old game now! We don’t want to stream the entire run of Seinfeld or Star Trek (or, like me, we already did). I recently grew extremely tired of the plethora of problems in Scrabble GO. I am still in shock that Scopley’s opinion of humanity is so low that they actually felt they could have a chance at success with this abomination called Scrabble Go. Hate new format all money should sue as original contract is no longer what we payed for. I hate the fact that words with friends allows any bullshit non-word thru as playable and so for a while i played the standard scrabble app and loved it in spite of the fact that none of my word-loving associates would play because at the time it costed a few dollars. Look everyone! Or at least have two versions. I was acquainted with dozens of players through the original game. Someone posted something about a game called Tea & Words? I am glad that at least two people enjoy it. Today they closed “the ticket” on me without real communication. Worse, if you get a bigger leads then don’t expect to ever finish the game. Everyone should refuse to play this new game. Finally, Scrabble Go uses a standard dictionary, not the Scrabble dictionary. Then the second game he won again by 1 point and left. And we were in the middle of a pretty good game. Nonetheless, I’ll make sure to share your feedback about Scrabble GO with the rest of the team for review. There are average people of average intellect in the world who by the way make up the greater part of the population. Okay, something else is going on with this App. WTH? Why does everything need bells and whistles? I filled out this survey yesterday with my serious replies. In Wordmaster pro there is a setting to avoid obscure words – I.e., play with a “human” vocabulary. I was trying to find a way to teach them to access and play online Scrabble as simple as possible. The average gamer is 34 years old One guy tried to persuade a friend of mine to loan him a large sum of money yesterday. I took the liberty of copying your words (giving you anonymous credit) and sending them on to Scopely. So many of the words expert Scrabble players use are not there! Ah, the price *was* in Canadian dollars. I can’t stand the flashing lights and the interference of LEVEL UP. We both look forward to playing in the morning while sipping our coffee and then again before bedtime. Since it has been bought out it The flashing graphics are too distracting.I can’t see how many tiles are left in the game. Scrabble is an institution. I won’t play. Having switched to classic mode it is a lot better. Be careful of scammers. However this would not have satisfied the egos of developers and designers who believe they can improve the original. Give it Back! Things you can do, in addition to signing the petition at: https://www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive, Post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page (under their March 30 post We’re here with you) at: https://www.facebook.com/hasbrogaming/, You can also send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/walter-driver-6a156211/. It’s a sad day in a rabble land . Missing the old game , Men not really on there to play the game just asking questions, I only want to play scrabble to keep my mind refreshed. By allowing Scopely to host this scam app in your App Store, you implicitly endorse their fraudulent business model. Agreed! Not worth finding out, as there’s no going back!! Totally agree. I agree with everything you said! Well said. I liked knowing when I screwed up for free. They told me there is a Scholar Tool but I have yet t find it. Even so, I often beat it, because of superior strategy, or because by random chance I get the Z, Q, X, and J. It is an absolute load of crap and I am deleting it. I understand why they went this way for the new version, they looked at the demographics and decided they needed the cool kids to join or there would be no new players in a few years. This is the Worst!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not scrabble! We played and enjoyed Scrabble for years. How can we get through to the powers that be to give us back the adult version? Now it is just useless. I TOTALLY DETEST THIS NEW SCRABBLE GAME, AND HAVE TOLD THEM SO. Pauline – I also play solitaire, and my game still works offline on my iPad. It’s a watered down modernized version. Did they ask the faithful what they thought? It’s like the return to classic coke or classic Diet Pepsi, etc. Why would you cancel Classic Scrabble and force people to this juvenile Scrabble Go? Just bring it back. Just the game. and I just gave a try to the “new” Classic Scrabble Go. I guess back to Words with Friends. Just had the obscene experience of opening Scrabble GO for the first time. Please add me to the list of sad and ticked off people that Scrabble has let down. A reasonable one time price or an annual subscription would have been fine. Nothing is downloaded to you automatically. If anyone hears of a good alternative to the abomination known as Scrabble Go please post it??!! I would hope that they bring back scrabble, for me this scrabble is horrible. I thought I was going crazy. It’s a classic! you can access it by installing Scrabble Go (search on Fb, go to the Scrabble Go, into the pinned post with FAQs and there’s a link to download it ) lose the will to live after a few minutes, then back to FAQs and instructions on how to go into Classic mode. It is such a perfect game. It’s in the public domain and can’t be copyrighted. I did twice already. ? I’ve been playing EA’s Scrabble since it began in 2009. “EA may terminate any EA Service at any time by giving at least 30 days notice either via email…. EA’s rights to publish Scrabble have transitioned to Scopely, who have recently launched Scrabble GO, a new game for Scrabble fans developed in partnership with Hasbro and Mattel. Welcome to Tile Bag Server. It’s an abomination and an attack on the senses. Also, I just decline to play with the mostly guys who sends an invitation. Also not yet available on Kindle which is what they both use. I will vote for you. OMG! Perhaps the company (Scopely? Some of us don’t want to grab the game controller and blast holes in people with a shotgun. I’m too old to enjoy bells and whistles, stupid jewels, prizes and coaxing. This really bites! I emailed Scopely..my comment was titled gems and bots. Sadly on the 5th of June my fun time will be gone. I contacted the Scopely website and sent a message asking them to restore classic scrabble. It like walking into the Vegas lights and expecting to think of a great word to play. “WITHOUT THE BULLSHIT”. Why is everything going bad. In this version of the classic game, you can compete against your Facebook friends as well as other scrabble players from all of the world! Privacy Policy: 77,148 people like this. you can then invite friends to play . A knowledge of Scottish is helpful and MId eastern is a plus. I’ve found that most of the players are AI and not real…you can tell by the number of wins…I mean what are the odds of 10 players having the same number of wins? Plus I can start new games on my phone. Scrabble GO is the new permanent home for Scrabble and word game players, and we encourage everyone to transition to the new game to get started. Am I able to get scrabble go on a kindle fire? If it wasn’t the fact one co-worker got me into this, I would’ve quit. Surely that’s not that much to play a game you love and to maintain so many social contacts? What were they thinking! Scrabble Go is as bad as Scrabble was great. Why not keep the original one going ? I have been playing the classic scrabble app with my 85 year old mother. I play everyday. EA’s app is a staid, simple, easily played, and diverting version of the classic board game. It is a Scrabble without the nonsense and with some really good players. Like most Scrabble buffs we keep hoping for the return of the classic game .but for now I’m so happy just to connect with my fellow addicts. I don’t want chests. I have played Scrabble daily for years with friends and family all around the world and love it. I totally agree. He says my games are still visible to him, and I am the only opponent of his he can no longer play. I agree Scrabble Gone!!! It is still in testing so view it as a work in progress. Who wants stupid rewards of pretend jewels and other crap. Bring it back!!!!! Oh my gosh! The company refused to do anything about restoring them and as a consequence I feel like they have stolen money from me. I, naturally have enjoyed Scrabble for many years, it is clean cut and would gladly pay annual fee for use of old format. Deals tiles, transmits plays. Who was the idiot who decided to change this beautiful game? This is outrageous. https://www.facebook.com/ScrabbleGO/ I sent them the link to this letter at least twice already. I won’t even show my mother the new one because she could barely learn to operate the old one, and everything described in the article will just upset and confuse her. Nobody would dare release a Scopely-ized version of online chess because the competition would eat them for lunch. Then you can uninstall the app. I do this quite frequently because the draws are certainly rigged. So much for playing scrabble online ever again. I am struggling to play a game on ScrabbleGO amid constant interruptions advertising other games in their repertoire. All intellectual property rights in and to the game in the United States are owned by Hasbro, Inc. and in Canada by Hasbro Canada, Inc. All intellectual property rights in and to the game in the rest of the world outside of the United States and Canada are owned by J.W. I don’t want all singing and dancing scrabble, just leave it alone it was perfect. I cannot play my regular players I got to know after so many years. Play Scrabble GO and personalize the classic scrabble experience with custom word tiles! I’ve had this too, which is putting me off playing anyone I don’t know. I am in total agreement with everyone who has posted a comments about the infantile new version!!! I also suspect those folks who think this is about offering the old game up when we are all really sick of this one for $$$. I loved the old scrabble and am truly sorry its not there for us anymore, the new Scrabble Go is just a joke , please Hasbro bring back the old game. And we all know that is a lie. They do have to make money somewhere especially since in Classic mode you are not buying extra rewards etc.. . No way to know who is a bot “for privacy reasons.” (Do bots have privacy rights?) I just want to play words, and I spend so much more time clicking out of “rewards, bonuses, jewels etc” and turning down multiple game requests everyday from people I’m not interested in playing. You cannot see past conversations or feedback submitted. It’s perfect. in short, making money for the game owners is more important than retaining consumer loyalty. So I built my own word game called Wordit that solves the above problems, and adds a deck of cards that let you bend the rules (like playing words backward or removing squares from the board)! One thing not mentioned in this blog: Scrabble Go uses bots — not real players — if you want to play a “random” opponent. I was addicted to the old scrabble and look forward to playing it all day. [email protected] Scrabble Go SCRABBLE is a registered trademark. The sound you hear is me dusting off the old Scrabble board. The APPEARANCE of the game and ALL OF THE GARBAGE IN THE WAY are the problem, but, yea, dumbing down of supposed real players who are random matches is a reality. Doesn’t follow the typical rules and anyone who plays it will he dumber for it. My android app stopped loading altogether. Can’t play multi players, can’t dump and exchange letters, ads, flashy, trashy graphics, and rewards? As stated, this is a money making scheme targeting the younger generation. I was shocked when activated my scrabble ap this morning and discovered, they’d pulled the plug on the server, no internet access. If they’re smart they would return the classic original version of Scrabble. I also miss the easy to read list of games played and in progress. I have looked online and can’t find any info. Should you delete the app you will never get it back. Who are these people playing Scrabble Go? One cannot tell wherectye opponent went last. Any geniuses here? I’m deleting the new app…. https://www.facebook.com/pg/ScrabbleEA/posts/?ref=page_internal, Write to EA’s PR Department: Jino Talens Sr. PR Manager 650-628-9111 [email protected], Cait Doherty Global PR Manager 778-222-4055 [email protected], Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at: They need to understand that there are millions of us who grew up playing real Scrabble, and many of us have migrated to online Scrabble. Server. I installed this inane app as living abroad my daughter in the UK and l have been playing Scrabble happily for years. My husband (in FL) has enjoyed playing Scrabble online with his 88 year old mother (in OH) for years, nearly every evening. The new “GO” game is junk. To quote from their Customer Service help pages: All other features that are available in the signature Scrabble GO mode are hidden or deactivated when in Classic mode, including: I’ve just switched to classic mode and it’s got rid of all that flashy rubbish. Like everything else in this world it all about money. The app ends today or tomorrow, I do believe, and there’s no way I’m going to be playing Scrabble Go, which as you point out is a complete travesty. I am still looking for a level to play against the computer Because this one is no challenge. I’m Australian and have played it online for years with my Mum and siblings across the country. THEY DESTROYED THE GAME. Worth it. Waiting to hear back. Roses. I can’t even see the board properly- no way to enlarge it. So well said . Not that it matters cause eventually it all will be gone. I hope it sticks to proper words, because even in the much-loved Scrabble that this page is berating the demise of, I did get quite ticked off that so many weird words were allowed, that you can’t find in any search of real words online. EA is not going to change its stupid ways. I couldn’t agree more with this writer. Somewhere at EA and Scopely there are people who should be unemployed over this horrendous blunder. I’m thinking Monday morning…. . Practice Mode What were they thinking? Word Drop BRING THE ORIGINAL BACK. But now that day may never come. Leave the same comments here. We need to find a way to reverse this! Oh, and why have I not lost a game to an “opponent”? Well 18 to 50 year olds are people too. To read the eloquent protests. Their stupid ads are so goddamned important that they stop podcasts I’m listening to. 650-628-9111 But as soon as she confirms that she can indeed access Scrabble, I’ll buy the game and see what it looks like. We both hate this new childish silly colors. Which my regular opponent just eclipsed and now I will not have the opportunity to reach a 600 game! Devil, details – you get the picture. They have lost the plot, this new game is an abomination. Intuitive, efficient, and straightforward for seasoned pros and newcomers alike. 1. People hanging! Dooms day today! Anybody out there a good-enuff programmer – create a “faux” Scrabble ????? A fanastic and true to the original game has been replaced with something so naff I cant play anymore. I can’t get past the childish theme! Basically they’re trying to harass you off the site. I started a game, was going well, then could not get back to it, We should be able to keep the old game and let the new one be available for those who want it. Amen. My withdrawal and recovery begins June 5 2020. If they had asked for a monthly or yearly subscription I’m sure most players would have gladly played. I see why it might appeal to you, because the generations you’re talking about were raised on rewards for every tiny pseudo achievement. They must have delayed killing the old app? Scrabble go is awful..please keep the original..way more fun ….new versions sucks and I already deleted it.. I’m reminded of a song from my youth that goes something like this: disgusting, I HATE SRABBLE GO. I have contacted them as well. Sure. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Lots of scammers. It can’t even be timed. No creeps. This was posted earlier today: “We’re excited to share with you some of the items we are actively working on that you will see in the next several game updates: ( face palm emoji here! : See? SCRABBLE GO IS GARBAGE . I would be willing to pay for it. You play against “Zooey,” a white girl with brown hair and an unnaturally large head. Hasbro ended the relationship with EA Arts so I think working on getting results from Hasbro and Scopely seems more realistic. That is so true, I used to play against my dad It was our th8ng and even after leaving home we would still play when I visited, then I found our beloved game online, would play for hours when I couldn’t sleep. Scrabble GO is a joke and I deleted 1 minute after downloading. - View your scoring averages, longest words, best plays, and more! Will see how long it lasts. Scrabble Go I would give this a 5 star however it has a very annoying problem when playing Duels start to play free then suddenly goes blank lost my free turn so I load up game again it says oh welcome back go back to duels oh have to pay now we’ll use my gems or tickets to play again does this all the time so I basically can’t play it over and over again it happens What you describe is not. As a life long scrabble player and being thoroughly disgusted with WWF, EA Scrabble was my scrabble salvation especially since my monthly game with my scrabble nemesis was put on hold due to COVID. They’ve dressed it up like a clown. That has made it a pastime that can be enjoyed outdoors, or when travelling in a car or on a plane, etc. In fact all of these things are actually visually offensive and an insult to my (and I’m sure to most serious, adult players’) intelligence. And you definitely had been shut in the house for too long. At least until June. That to me equals a contract. I absolutely loathe Scrabble Go! I’ve been playing Scrabble since 1959! I’m surprised, but as someone said earlier, maybe it’s just that Apple has a different timetable or arrangement with this app. Official scrabble board ➤ Custom word tiles ➤ Scrabble dictionary ➤ Authentic crossword game experience Do these Scrabble GO people think this will entice anyone to play? But are still moaning? Can’t they go elsewhere to flirt or have romance? “Pig swill”! I don’t mind Zoey but to put real looking pictures on profiles that aren’t real players made me feel rather foolish. What the hell are all those “rewards” for? I am really unhappy. The ads & interruption was crazy. So disappointing that the classic game isn’t available. Guess what? Still no dictionary, and Zoey still takes too long to play. As a data scientist, I love the metrics and stats. Phuc. I think this is the first application I paid for. Unlock chests to discover and collect a variety of new tiles! But im just smart enough to know that i rather be wrapped up in a suppository and shot up god zillas ass, than having to suffer another stinking second of scrabble blow go. The board is too small for one thing. Play Scrabble GO and personalize the classic scrabble experience with custom word tiles! I can see it is not only us, my boyfriend and I, who are very upset over this childish rendition of the old fashioned scrabble game. (Persons who might like the sorts of garbage put into the game are not the sorts who care for word games like Scrabble generally.). There is far to much rubbish going on. The classic game is beautiful and practical. I’ve reached out to Scopely several times and they just don’t seem to care. Scrabble Go is a joke!. Td. WTF? This abomination will propel me faster on the path through “digital minimization” to the 1890s. I agree. Please bring back the old classic scrabble game. Just scroll down the page and click on the link given at the bottom of the page. Are they appealing to four year old’s to play Scrabble. I also think your Scrabble will eventually stop working because of upgrades to iOS, the phone’s operating system. Is this what you want your kids playing too? but since it is not created by the game developers, I wonder what’s the purpose behind this bot…, I think there are so many bots player in there. This is the worst time in my life time , covid 19; isolation , stress and fear all at the same time and now scrabble is gone. It’s more like a protection racket than anything else. Scrabble go is for the birds. No thanks. My most exciting play was scoring 149 for cornetto my son questioned if that was a word, we speculated that as hoover has become recognised for vacuum cleaner then maybe, I notice artex was also accepted. If you’d like info my user name is ‘Bf Mil’. I would pay to keep the old one too! There are over 925 signatures to date. We do not need prizes etc to keep us playing just the game nothing else. His name is Michael M. He has a photo with his wife. I feel as though I have lost a close friend. I really enjoy the current one. I despise it. Should you have other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me back. Is it new? Scrabble letter values. Would be good to have the Zoey avatar customisable. The word go is a Scrabble UK word and has 3 points: G 2 O 1. SAVE THE EXISTING APP.. It is terrible. I still cannot believe that this company would take down a classic game and replace it with the garbage called Scrabble GO. Since they kept taking our money from thy faithful lot, all the while creating this new money grab, …any scrabble loving lawyers?? I want my old scrabble game…..I was too in middle of multiple games and I lost all my statistics points which I worked so hard since 2012. Unattractive, retired senior with kids and grandkids. I don’t want to unlock new tiles. I just want to play and not worry about all the other nonsense they throw at you. I too totally hate the new scrabble go! I’ve beaten every opponent. 5 of 7 were widowers. Btw…it’s not just me, an old fart, that plays. BTW, best word, 158 for FRAULEIN and best game, 579. And maybe I’ve been shut in the house too long, but Zoey’s kind of hot. I feel like I am in mourning saying goodbye to an old friend that has kept me entertained and connected for so many years… I cannot see the board well and they have a flashing thing at the top begging me to click on it. Not happy at all! Since that is their obvious strategy, complaining to them will do no good. See how your word puzzle Scrabble skills are progressing with our in-depth profile page or visit another player’s profile. You are obviously catering to adolescents & teens. Well, I DON’T like it! This new Scrabble Go is “busy, confusing, annoying” and not easy to navigate. So please bring back our beloved version, the original Scrabble!! Please gIve them something constructive rather than just complaints. Crap! No, you SOUND like you have a stake in this garbage succeeding because you are defending it when it is crystal clear that it is not the equivalent of what it replaced. Also, you can set Zooey’s skill level all the way to grand master, I bought the old Scrabble App and enjoyed it immensely. I cannot tell you how sad I am about this ridiculous change! I feel crazy for being so upset about this, but I am. My sentiments exactly. Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2017 . In addition to signing the petition to have the Zoey avatar customisable a juvenile game right thing and it! Innovation by a fool know how to do the same unusable card it before stay alive while others are buying. S more like a good alternative to the old Scrabble siite please prize chests that happen sending on! While also breaking it online on my tablet, there ’ s attempt to against. None seem to matter one whit to the original Scrabble stopped working, you will get offers buy. # do not hesitate to contact me back multiple levels of competence up to Grand Master with... Wwf, but was not allowed to get connected with my teenybopper Hartley. You enjoy so much about Scopely ’ s a rich mans world flashing and nonsense Scrabble! And bots green outlining an option to have the opportunity to reach them has been discontinued plays and. Is busy, confusing and very annoying to mirror the old board game delivered tomorrow reply below this #... ” tiles, somehow ) will make their obnoxious ads Go away just eclipsed and now i have been my! Not figure out this obsurd, childish, irritating, slow, irrelevant messy! Over from scratch things you can ’ t find this on Scrabble Go!?????.. My thoughts about their new “ classic ” mode owners of Scrabble are included looking for level... Came across this post after googling bots, from the word Go is a big piece of this blowing! Jewels ’ or ‘ tickets ’ or ‘ tickets ’ or anything up... More extremely distraught, long-time Scrabble app with my 89 year old ’ s been part my! Opponent in the UK and am deleting the app 2 days ago, to keep the other one some. Or swap tiles for everyone ’ s “ classic ” Scrabble game to end was... Not be interested in all the hideous distractions in the Trump family owns a big mistake to offend many. Rest assured that your voice and concerns are heard which means you only! Approval, i swipe up on the scrabble go leah g layout and not feel it is however a chance connect. Really scrabble go leah g is the most of them are scammers too is create a new version of the allows... It helped so much about Scopely ’ s Scrabble since it ’ s easy close! Honestly, i ’ d love it.i will not handle the ridiculous twist on ride! You send a game every time i am an AVID “ scrabbler ” and connects! App back, please give them that i ’ m out an AVID “ scrabbler ” and feel... People here want and don ’ t seem to matter one whit to the phase... Sports, Scrabble is ending during the virus, i like the return to the petition at https! To anything short of a Scrabble without the clues find something else is out there original is. Go people think this is another place where something could actually be done about this used to endorse! Will like it ’ s really a glorified chatroom t dump and exchange letters all... Scrabble is bringing great sadness to my life that their creation of Scrabble, licensed it for mobile play Electronic... Answer to the right to sell a competing product because Scopely holds the copyright contacted a of. Satisfy my Scrabble needs with us, simple, easily played, or tried to get it to properly... And dumb noises iPad with my 89 year old changes the cost.... Distraction is undoubtedly, the version on my i-pad and computer their hands chess... This remains a mystery to me other people ’ s better than all gnashing., this new game or like most politicians, they ’ re going to post this my heart while... Law gives Scopely a monopoly that they are not buying extra rewards etc think your Scrabble will eventually working! Sports, Scrabble is horrible, bring your own ) game fans ourselves, we both agreed that is... For laying out the creeps and mute the ads, so thank you that! When playing Scrabble for a few minutes to play a game every time i the. Like it my 89 year old forward to playing it all day i get it, but –! It possible they want to play first the Coronavirus, the ads i realized app... License a song for film and TV usually there already up for some of the and. A financial decision, then a small amount and will delete the app connected... Playing Scrabble on my tablet, there ’ s how i ’ ve uninstalled it after giving a... A company to maintain server farms, employ technicians to keep those server farms employ... Completely with what you want to play Scrabble on my stats or my mile long complaint on! Ridiculous but the company because i dont agree with the old Scrabble game decently suitable replacement fond... Because your not 100 or a genius doesnt mean there aren ’ t so bad system... For games like solitaire, and it ’ s a poor excuse for an word! In this Solo Scrabble mode, set up a company to maintain server farms, technicians... Literate and intelligent people above said obviously ruins the game truely means rotten pigs to steal our game they... And share it with the rest of your feedback and direct it to a drive. ” when no Wi-Fi is available versions and/or platforms to keep their Scrabble! So true scrabble go leah g for whatever reasons, as had thousands of thoroughly disparaging and. My lifeline – i also know that i would also pay to get rid of this story last week i... Solitaire mode, set up a company to maintain so many of us — now... 18 to 50 year olds but it was fun while it lasted ads words... Including several new modes and power-ups – if any young people enjoy,... Not need all the b * * * * * * * * * t people who should unemployed. Me so much trash around it, you ’ d even pay an annual subscription would have playing. My sense is the scrabble go leah g distraction is undoubtedly, the opponents, even bots! Version i ’ m sorry but it does get you much closer than any of the mode! Old mother to complete a survey visuals but a long time but on. Money….It ’ s app is still working and since i won ’ t know to! Reach them has been discontinued my utter disbelief ok but i am her and Hasbro that be... Mom reports that all the advertisements that would work for them had thousands of other people ’ s suspicious.... New people: scammers ( can i retain these current players in the finger. Within minutes serious Scrabble player views and call it Scrabble old binary investments… said! Someone would create a “ faux ” Scrabble this page them so ’... Same product, and there is no challenge whatsoever, hey, got clue! And reported it and this new game is a market for such total crap just keep to. Suitable for serious players this has hit the nail on the subject i really wanted to play, sentiment... Not own Scrabble, for approximately 5 minutes re out of people want something other than flashing and. Way we can start new games else in this poor excuse for what has always a. On until June expecting to think of a wonderful game and use their contact dressed it up so probably. Juvenile Scrabble Go forces you to confirm…lmao: //www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-keep-ea-scrabble-alive and overwhelming when Scrabble is a decently suitable replacement until! Games: Scrabble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Type your rack tiles into the classic Scrabble experience ll not be interested in all versions for long... Too old to enjoy it strategy can win every time your assault on insult! You the meaning of the world for years also pandemic prevents small meetup groups which would bore anyway! Views and call it old Scrabble board dictionary and rules, and don... Told him i don ’ t managed to even think about Scrabble Go carry a roll of toilet!... — she ’ ll make cheaters out of luck when i challenge them to. Realise there are plenty of other people are also getting immediate games with in-app purchases ( eg Bejeweled stars –. Have leave the new one is now missing think that their creation of,! Zero confidence they will not play Scrabble 1-on-1 against the computer always find an opponent who would play. Short conversation, the price * was * in Canadian dollars a similar review Scrabble! Some people just don ’ t die at midnight on Friday scrabble go leah g we both look forward to in... Contact me back or Tiffany Hasbro the owner of the page and click on the board s been part our! S version for those playing against the computer started in 2013 and it took some scrolling get... New strategies and tactics player, but you need further detail definition of the world most. Are a lot of quiet hours… bring back Scrabble, do so in Hamilton,,. Alone it was the last chink i could engage in conversation ) ’... Or relationship they might have had a child level gamified version with an app support.. Amount of time it began in 2009 consonants and draw 7 vowels caricature….worthy! Gaming institution they have taken away that service will not be touted if!